Christian singer Aby Heredia presents the album “Certus”

Christian music singer Aby Heredia, presented his most recent album titled “Certus”, a musical proposal that talks about what God means in your life and that can be found on all digital platforms.

“Certus” is a word of Latin origin that translated into Spanish means “determined, determined, sure, true, real”. This is the love of God in my life and the whole album is centered on that idea ”, explained Heredia, who has 11 years in the musical arena, through a press release sent to Diario Libre.

This production was launched at a concert, held at the Municipal Town Hall of his hometown Hato Mayor, where the Christian singer Cristopher Henry also participated.

“I am very grateful for the support received by my dear people for this musical production that has been carried out with so much love, because everything we do must be for the glory of God,” he explained.

“What I want”, is the theme of his album that Aby is promoting at the moment, with the authorship of Fraudyn Germán and arrangements by Otoniel Berroa, which has a beautiful audiovisual, made by Adrián Film Films and that graphs its powerful message.

“It is important to ask God, every day, to change us and transform us. May he fill us and baptize us with his Holy Spirit ”, expressed the enterprising singer.