Cienciano includes sign language in digital television programs

The Cienciano del Cusco club, promoting the inclusion and equality of all Peruvians, incorporated into its digital program Cienciano Noticias, the sign language or sign language, for people with hearing disabilities, who tune in to the live broadcast, all Monday from 8:00 pm on the Facebook Live platform.

The ‘Dad of America’, with this initiative, becomes the first club to bet on inclusion, in the digital sphere, with its entire community of fans and the general public. With the firm mission of promoting the equality that should exist among all Peruvians, this time supporting from the sports field.

The specialist in joining this initiative was David Paliza from Cusco, who participated throughout the program, together with Elio Condorhuaman, who is part of the press team of the Cusco institution.

Likewise, it is important to note that this new bet was applauded by all fans of the digital program, which places the Cienciano Club in the global digital elite, not only for its production, but also for the equality it promotes among all people.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Cienciano presents its Cienciano TV programs on the digital platforms of Facebook and YouTube. The transmissions are made from 8:00 pm