Cinderella’s Diary

It’s a beautiful blue diary, on the cover, Cinderella appears ready for the dance. The first page reads: “I am desperate for the night of the 5th to come, and the morning of the 6th of January. Four days to go ”. Second page: “My mom told me to make the Kings list. I ordered seven toys. ” Third: “My mother said there were a lot of them and I took away some, yes, the cheapest ones.”

A great day

Fourth page: “Today is the Three Kings Day, they will come at night, I am very excited. I have ordered Princess toys. ” Sixth page: “They brought me the Princess kitchen, the Sleeping Beauty doll and a princess song book, isn’t that great?” Page seven. “This is great, play and play.” This diary was written by a 7-year-old girl who is now a 22-year-old adult, I found it just this Wednesday, January 5, and it made me reflect so much, now that the tradition of the Holy Kings is diluted.

I forget

Like that girl, during my childhood, the Day of the Kings was the best of the year. I waited for him with impatience and enthusiasm. She wrote to them, cut grass for the camels, spent the night awake, excited. I transmitted to my children that beautiful tradition, which, also in their childhood, left a mark, a touch of magic in this increasingly practical world that takes away, from childhood, the ability to dream, as the author of that little diary that I found in a closet in my house. That same day, painfully, although it may seem incredible, I had forgotten that it was the night of the Holy Kings. I found out by chance.

The changes

I was in a store and I saw many parents arrive holding hands with their children from whom they bought gifts. A three-year-old girl, clinging to a toy, tried to open it before paying for it, there I realized the date. It was a shock, I thought about how much society and my own life have changed. But I did not understand what we have lost until I came across the diary, by chance, a couple of hours later.

It was day 6

When I got home, organizing a room, I came across the diary, written fifteen years ago. This only has registered, the rest of the pages are blank, the expectations and the joy of a girl for the arrival of the Holy Kings. Those who went to the manger of the Child Jesus to adore him and bring him gifts. And, since they came from the East, they took their time, they found it on January 6. It may be more practical to move the holiday and group the days off, but our beloved Holy Kings must have a great confusion in their calendar, the citizens too, and the Dominican children, little by little, we are depriving them of one of the most beautiful of our traditions. If you have any doubts about this, please re-read what the Cinderella Diary says.