Cindy Marino denies romance with Erick Osores, but assures: “There is a lot of trust”

Cindy Marino highlighted the personality of Erick Osores after interviewing him on his YouTube program and rumors of an alleged sentimental relationship between the two increased. As you remember, some time ago they were captured in a disco. In this regard, the young woman responded to these speculations.

In conversations with a local media, the singer pointed out that both they have known each other for years and they trust each other a lot. He stressed that they have gone out on more than one occasion, along with their friends.

Erick Osores was invited to Cindy Marino’s talk show on YouTube and they shared a pleasant talk about their lives behind the television cameras.

In this regard, the actress gave her appreciation after having the sports journalist in her digital space. “He is super loose and the intention was to put him in trouble. It’s a lot of fun (…) a little bit of everything was discussed and played in a double sense, “said the young woman.

He also referred to the dream that the press man told. “He told me that he had dreamed that we met to go to the canal. I just breathed a little there. The good thing is that he doesn’t have other kinds of dreams with me, ”he added with a laugh.

Cindy Marino She was consulted about an apparent affair with Erick Osores, however, she denied it. “He is lazy and fucks nothing else. He is not throwing me maicito, I have known him for a long time and there has never been his intention towards me, “she replied.

“All our lives we have been ‘legs’, he has also gone out in a group, but now he is no longer in his things and I am in mine,” he added to Trome. I totally rule it out”, sentenced the host of “Cindy Marino Oficial”.