Cindy Marino denounces fraud of more than S/ 6,000 by criminal gang: “It already happened to me 5 or 6 times”

Crime does not forgive show business figures. Cindy Marino He made a public complaint stating that he was the victim of some criminals who gave him a large amount of counterfeit bills. However, thanks to security cameras, Depincri de La Victoria is on the trail of scammers.

Cindy Marino is a well-known person in the Peruvian show business after repeatedly appearing in the “JB en ATV” sketches. The comic actress was obviously affected when she learned that her clothing store in Gamarra was a place that was already being watched by criminals.

With information from Paolo Zegarra / URPI-LR

Through an interview with La República, Cindy Marino recounted the sacrifice she made to run her own business during the pandemic and how the saleswoman at her store in Gamarra would have been scammed with counterfeit bills.

“I sold my truck to invest in my business, it is the product of my effort, my work, saving so much time. Now I took action. The Depincri de La Victoria has taken immediate measures and is following in the footsteps of these people. I hope she finds them as soon as possible, ”said the model at the beginning of her story.

“In the whole year that I have been here, in Gamarra, this has happened to me around five or six times, but unfortunately, I had no evidence because I did not have cameras. Now I have cameras,” he added.

The comic actress continued to recount this unfortunate fact. Cindy Merino gave several details about what happened at her place and added that the criminal gang has been watching them for a long time: “I had to change the salesperson. People have been hanging around here and have seen that the person was new. They came with everything. They operate two by two, they go up two by two, they wait downstairs so that they don’t give the seller time to check the tickets”.