Cinema: “Great Tsunami: Large-scale disaster” premieres in Peru

The best special effects make it one of the most anticipated films in Asian cinema, “Great Tsunami: Disaster on a large scale” hits the national billboard this April 20 thanks to Star Films and will undoubtedly captivate the audience. This production is in position number one hundred and twenty among the films with the highest box office revenue since its premiere in various countries.

“Great Tsunami: Large-Scale Disaster” tells the story of a group of friends who embark on a trip to a remote island for the weekend. After finding an ancient relic, the group of friends discover that the island is being threatened by a tsunami.

This movie places us in a Chinese community (Chinatown) somewhere in Southeast Asia, where Jiang Peng and his daughter are trapped due to a tsunami that occurred without any warning. What they don’t know is that this tsunami is more than just water: it brings with it a giant and very dangerous crocodile because it is hungry for human flesh.

Father and daughter, together with the other inhabitants, have to fight the terrible monster for their lives. However, after this calamity, these two characters will discover even more terrifying secrets that have been caused by man and not by a natural disaster.

“Great Tsunami: Disaster on a Large Scale” offers an exciting mix of action, adventure and suspense. The plot is interesting that keeps the viewer in suspense from beginning to end. The tape was directed by Zhou Jiuqin and starring Fei Rong, Wang Ying Lu and Daniella Wang.