“Clarify your ‘lovers’, please” Úrsula Boza patches Christopher Gianotti for strong statements

Yesterday a new episode of the YouTube channel was released, ‘I’m Gianotti‘ where the subject of the infidelities. During the conversation between Christopher Gianotti and Úrsula Boza, the actor hinted at his interaction with “lovers”.

And it is that at the beginning of the program, both Christopher Gianotti and Ursula Boza they start talking about their relationship, it is at this point where Gianotti He pointed out that he respected his wife’s decision not to have a provision for intimacy, which is why he applauded the service of his lovers. As?!

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What Ursula Boza he emphatically notes, “Clarify about the mistresses, please.” And that is what he referred to Christopher Gianotti They were to two sex toys that he received as a gift from his own wife and an adult toy store.

As is known, Christopher Gianottiy Ursula Boza They have always presented themselves as a couple with an open mind and without taboos in between. Even at another point in the conversation it was learned that participation as a swinger couple (partner exchange with the consent of both).

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Christopher Gianotti and Úrsula Boza resumed their relationship in 2023

The actor Christopher Gianotti and the actress Ursula Boza They decided to give their marriage another try this year. A reconciliation that was possible thanks to various factors, such as the coincidence of schedules, the acceptance of responsibilities, among other details.

“I had realized everything we had experienced, part of my fault and, obviously, I did not want to lose a great woman who is her,” admitted the driver.