Clarissa Molina and Vicente Saavedra live love at Christmas time

Clarissa Molina and Vicente Saavedra live love at Christmas time. In just two months after the love affair was made public, they were seen on the catwalk of love before the press and the public.

The Dominican presenter showed off her love in public for the first time when she paraded with Vicente Saavedra on the red carpet of the Latin Grammy, in Las Vegas.

It was on September 10 when Clarissa Molina confessed that she was in love and that she maintains a relationship with the Puerto Rican businessman Vicente Saavedra, former manager of the urban music exponent Ozuna and current representative of the Cuban Yotuel.

“I have a boyfriend,” an emotional Molina confessed in September and described Saavadra as a wonderful man she met three years ago during the recordings of the movie “Que León”, but it was not until May when they reconnected.

“God’s timing is perfect, I’m happy, I’m blushing and when things are for you, it’s for you,” Clari told the program that “El Gordo y la Flaca” (Univision) works.

Clarisa showed the ring that Saavedra gave her, which is not for engagement but was to give formality to the relationship.

Vicente Saavedra, 38, was the one who launched Ozuna to fame and served as his manager and his clients include Nicky Jam, Olga Tañon and Anuel AA. He also serves as a consultant for the artists.

Vicente owns his own record label, ‘Dimelo Vi’, which he founded in 2017. He is also the father of three daughters: Ava Mar, Gia and Mía, the youngest due to “adult” issues, he cannot see her.

From September to date, Clarissa and Vicente have been shown on social networks. In October, the lovers celebrated his birthday in style with a celebration of kisses, hugs, sensual looks and irresistible moments.

“Now is the perfect time to open up to love, to complement myself in a way that he can give me advice or help me achieve something that perhaps he has more knowledge than me, so it is like a perfect complement, and apart from that well imagine one becomes happy at work and personally too, “Molina said several days ago in an interview with the New York newspaper.

The Dominican was on Thursday as part of the hosts of the Latin Grammy Awards, in Las Vegas, which represents another step in her career in Spanish-American television.