Claudia Abusada: Who is the 46-year-old Peruvian model who surprised with her entry to Onlyfans

Onlyfans is a platform for online subscription It has become well known for its explicit content mainly to adults. Its business model is based on content creators can earn money from users who subscribe to your profile. The platform OnlyFans It is being a trend in our country, due to the generous income that people who create their account have.

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The website hosts some women from the Peruvian show business, among the Peruvians who are part of Onlyfans, we have those who most highlight the singer Leslie shaw, the comic actress Fatima Segovia, the model Xoana gonzalez and recently to the Peruvian model Claudia Abused. That’s why today in The popular we will know more about the model Claudia Abused who decided to enter the world of Onlyfans.

Who is Claudia Abusada

Claudia Abusada, was one of the most sought-after models in Lima, she was always known for wasting her singular flirtation and sensuality in the main parades of Lima. The popular model distanced herself from television for some years to dedicate herself to her family.

The model reappeared on television at 46 years of age and revealed that she is not in good health, having chronic depression, anxiety and agoraphobia disorder. In an interview for Amor y Fuego, the now blonde said that the depressive state has suffered since she was 25 years old.

“I have chronic depression, I have depressive syndrome and generalized anxiety and agoraphobia. I have had depression since I was 25 years old, until now that I am 46 ″, he said in the advance of the program he leads Rodrigo González and Gigi Miter.

Claudia Abused in Onlifans

Claudia Abusada joined the long list of figures who have chosen to create their Onlyfans, social network that promises the publication of the hottest photos of your favorite character.

The former model pointed out that she had the approval of her daughter to make this decision, an opinion that interests her the most. And although he has been and is strongly criticized for not looking like before, Claudia looks proud of her body.

“I have always liked to wear the smallest clothes, the thread,” he said to the program of Magaly Medina. “The only person who interests me what she thinks is my daughter, I consulted her and she said ‘do it’. I jumped in and what people asked me for was more home videos. Yes it is profitable, I am not going to tell you that I am a millionaire, but it saves me, “he said. Claudia, who clarified that it has its limits when it comes to publishing its content.