Claudio Armando, from singing at his school in Iquitos to conquering Bolivia and Peru with Los Capos

wherever it arrives Claudio Armando Castro captive. For many, the Peruvian singer is the living representation that dreams can come true, of course, at the point of effort. The vocalist of The Caposbefore reaching the popularity he enjoys today, he traveled many paths, but it was at his college of iquitos where, apparently, little by little he began his adventure with music, dressed as a schoolboy and on simple platforms still far from the lights and the thousands of followers.

A video dating from 2015 shows a childish Claudio Armando interpreting a song by Gian Marco at the Carlos Wiesse educational institution in Iquitos, a city in the jungle of Peru. The Peruvian singer, born in 1999 and who is 23 years old today, in various interviews details that in his intimate desires he harbored the dream of being heard beyond the walls of his school.

What was Claudio Armando’s adolescence like?

He grew up loved by his father and mother, until a pre-infarct stroke bedridden the man who gave him life. Between the daily routine of his studies and his dreams of dabbling in music, he also lived with anguish over the deteriorating health of his father, who died after a few years. So, his mother became his greatest support and the one who encouraged him the most to go in search of what he wanted.


Who is Claudio Armando, the singer who kissed Yarita Lizeth at a concert?

Gone would be the school days where —according to his own confessions in interviews for Bolivian programs— he got the minimum grade, but he passed because he sang and acted in the activities. He undertook a relentless race to achieve his goals. In this way, he auditioned in Peruvian programs such as “La voz kids”, in 2016 he participated in “La voz” as Abraham Mateo and then tried to enter as Prince Royce during 2018. Later, the Peruvian singer moved to Bolivia and participated —until twice—in the program “X Factor”, in the year 2020. From then on, Claudio Armando Castro made his way in the neighboring country until he reached Los Capos, without even imagining that his popularity would reach peaks that I never imagined.

Claudio Armando and the boom of “Boquita de caramel” in Bolivia

Claudio Armando Castro, after signing a contract with the cumbia group Los Capos, began to settle in Bolivia. The popularity of the artist skyrocketed in the highland country during 2022 when he interpreted the song “Boquita de caramel”. His followers began to number in the thousands, who attend the various presentations with the sole purpose of hearing him sing, watching him dance while bathing in beer, and wasting a lot of energy.

But before unleashing all the furor that today is produced in Bolivia as in Peru, the artist began with a strategy that he left behind over time. In his early days in the Los Capos group, in almost every presentation, the Peruvian interpreter descended from the stage while being carried on his shoulders, then he chose one of his followers to kiss her on the lips.