Clavito and his chela: The 3 incredible careers he studied and now he cannot practice in the US

He is not at his best. Robert Munozthe vocalist of ‘Clavito y su chela’, decided to take a risk and live in the United States for a few years with his family, but not everything turned out as expected because, despite being a prepared person, he cannot exercise any of his careers abroad.

Let’s remember that the artist is known for his musical themes “Why are you like this”, “Siento que no puedo vivir sin ti”, “No me vayas a olvidar”, among other songs that continue to be widely chanted by their fans at cumbia parties. What are the three careers that she studied? We tell you the details of why he can’t work for any of them, here.

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What are the careers that Robert Muñoz studied?

Very few like him. Despite having a well-known career as a singer, Robert Muñoz also has an academic history. According to SUNEDU, he studied Education at the Saint Peter Universityreaching his Bachelor’s degree in 2008.

But that would not be all, because the website with student data also reflected his Bachelor’s degree in Police Administration and Sciences, for which he prepared academically at the School of Officers of the National Police of Peru.

In an interview with the Trome newspaper, the singer He confessed that his situation was not the best: “I also have a doctorate in Security and mining, and here I cannot practice my professions. It’s complicated and that sometimes gets you down,” she said.

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Why can’t Robert Muñoz work from his studies in the US?

Since the vocalist of “Clavito y su chela” He moved to the United States with his wife and daughters, he has had to find work in a thousand trades that do not belong to the academic careers for which he prepared himself.

“I cannot practice my professions, because you have to follow a process to obtain residence,” he revealed in his interview with a local newspaper. It is not ruled out that it is also a validation issue in studies abroad.

However the cumbia artist He did not sit idly by and has worked as a welder, cutting hair and other of his skills in order not to go hungry with his family.

Robert Muñoz receiving the International Gold Excellence Award 2019. Source: Instagram.

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How is Robert Muñoz’s health?

In terms of health, it hasn’t been great either, because the cumbiambero He had to undergo an operation that had complications. Fortunately, everything went well, but he has not stopped worrying about his family.

“Recently I was scared, I thought the worst because they detected a tumor. I was discharged and, after the operation, I had a hemorrhage that made me return to the hospital. I recovered and I have worked in different jobs to support my family,” he said.