Clavito and his Chela: what is the singer’s real name and why does he call himself that?

Clavito and his Chela, the renowned peruvian singer, has been performing different trades in the United States to support his family. The interpreter of “Why you will be like this” has a bachelor’s degree in Education, a degree in Administration and, according to what he told a local media outlet, has a doctorate in security and mining. However, the Peruvian musician cannot practice any of these professions in the North American country, so he has had to work in various fields.

Although during the week he dedicates himself to activities far from music, he still usually does artistic presentations. That is why many often call him “Clavito and his Chela”. But what is his real name? We tell you.

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What is the real name of Clavito and his Chela?

The interpreter of the popular songs “I feel like I can’t live without you” or “Salud, muchachos” is known artistically as Clavito y su Chela. However, the singer’s real name is Roberto Muñoz.

Muñoz was a police major and in 2014 he requested his retirement pass to focus fully on his artistic facet. That was how the Clavito y la Chela orchestra was born, a name by which the Peruvian artist who lives in the United States today is also recognized.

Clavito and his Chela have resided in the United States since 2020. Photo: La República/José Abanto

Why Clavito and his Chela call themselves that?

Roberto Munoz He declared in 2015 that, after performing at a concert, a Huancayo media outlet titled his presentation as “Captain Clavito and the Latin Polis cause a furor”, in reference to the singer.

From that moment on, they began to call him that way. “Since then, I was baptized and they no longer called me my captain, but ‘Clavito’. It was a bit difficult to assimilate that your subordinates call you by your badge,” he said. But why ‘Clavito’? As he indicated to “On the sixth day”, he is named after his hair, which is characterized by remaining firm, similar to a nail.

Clavito y su Chela was a police officer before dedicating himself fully to music

Roberto Muñoz is known as ‘Clavito’ due to the peculiar hair on his head. Photo: capture YouTube / Clavito and his Chela

Over time, he got used to being called that way. She even made it her stage name. “I liked it and I kept the nickname,” he said in this regard to Correo.

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Regarding the term “y su Chela”, it arose when he was going to start recording with his orchestra. He was looking for a name for his group. First, he thought of calling himself just Clavito. Later, a friend of his suggested that he add “with his Chela”. This gave rise to his artistic label and that of his group.

“At the finals, it was like Clavito and his Chela. At first, the name seemed very tacky, but I am grateful to whoever gave it to me, I think he did it in good faith and with good intentions,” Roberto Muñoz told Correo in 2015.