Clavito y su Chela: how did the orchestra start and what did Pilar Astucuri have to do with her rise to fame?

For the year 2014, brad y su Chela began to play on stations and cumbia events. Who was it? Roberto Munoz and Pilar Astucuri They had arrived in Lima to make their first presentations. Due to the great reception that the song “Siento que no puedo vivir sin ti” had, the media and fame sought them out to investigate the intimacy of this couple. The commotion caused by their marriage and their subsequent separation was so great that all of Peru was pending from beginning to end. In this note, we tell you in detail the love story of the cumbiamberos.

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How did Clavito y su Chela start and what did Pilar Astucuri do to achieve success?

Since I was young, Pilar Astucuri He recognized his talent in singing and, while studying Accounting at the Universidad Nacional del Centro, he was a member of the La Solución orchestra. brad He went to one of her shows and not only noticed her to be the new pull for his rising group, but also as his partner.

In an interview with La República, Chelita recalled the beginnings in the presentations with Robert Muñoz: “He and I have started this story with a lot of effort, dedication and sacrifice. Since he was a major in the Police, then he became available and had more time to dedicate to the orchestra. That’s where our anniversary release went from.”

“When I told him that I accepted the event at the Santa Rosa venue, he told me: ‘No. Why? We’re not ready yet.’ I explained to him that there were seven groups that copied our song. He got excited, I hugged him and told him said: ‘It’s time to get to Lima. You have to risk. Nothing ventured nothing gained. In the end, I’m with you’. I tried to be your support“, he recounted.

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Why did Robert Muñoz and Chelita break up?

Both in video clips and on stage, brad and Pilar Astucuri They expressed the love they felt when interpreting their romantic songs: “Why are you like this?”, “I feel like I can’t live without you”, “Don’t forget me”, among others. Both sealed their love on July 14, 2014 in a brand new wedding in the city of Huancayo.

Pilar Astucuri and Clavito got married in 2014, but their marriage did not last long. Photo: GLR

However, just over a year later, it was learned that not everything was rosy. Through reports and statements on show programs, Pilar Astucuri came forward to denounce the physical and psychological acts of violence that she suffered from Robert Muñoz. In addition, Chelita accused him of infidelity on several occasions

“He took the bus, the instruments and a large sum of money that was around 300,000 dollars,” said Clavito and made a public complaint in the media against his partner. She staged a series of conversations to show that he was still looking for her despite her breakup, until she stopped these flirtations. Finally, the divorce came.

What happened after the divorce?

Because of the media problems caused by his constant statements, Pilar Astucuri and Robert Munoz They decided to carry out the conciliation and separation process in an intimate way. “We were getting divorced and we maintained communication regarding the company, but from then on I asked him to stop talking to me because it was not dable. It seemed that things were confused there, but I told him: ‘Stop the hand because you have a new partner, whom you have to respect,'” the singer told La República.

“It was clarified off camera, in a notary, as it should have been. Our lack of experience as well. We quickly answered the press and many things were misrepresented. We each said 50% everything up to where we were and that’s it“, he expressed about the bus, the instruments and the large amount of money that he would have taken.