Closing begins! Sporting Cristal and Sport Huancayo give play of honor: fixture

Gone is the celebration of the title won by Melgar in the Opening Tournament of League 1, now the focus is on the Closing that begins today and that on its first day will last until Monday 11.

Sporting Cristal third in the Apertura not being able to use Alberto Gallardo’s stadium, he will play with Sport Huancayo in the colossus of Alejandro Villanueva at 1:00 p.m.

Ayacucho FC, which seeks to get out of the relegation zone, is measured at home against Deportivo Municipal at 3:15 p.m. at the Ciudad de Cumaná stadium. And the Saturday session closes with the match between Cienciano and César Vallejo at 6:00 p.m. at the Garcilaso stadium.

complete programming

Sunday July 10

-Municipal Stadium of Bernal (1:00 p.m.)
Atletico Grau- Alianza Lima

-Mansiche Stadium (1:15 p.m.)

-Unión de Tarma Stadium (3:00 p.m.)
ADT – Carlos Stein

-Monumental Stadium (3:30 p.m.)
University – Cantolao

Monday July 11

-Stadium: Iván Elías Moreno (1:00 p.m.)

Sport Boys – UTC

-Guillermo Briceño Rosamedina Stadium (3:15 p.m.)

Binational – San Martin

First date: July 9-11

Sporting Cristal vs Sport Huancayo
Ayacucho vs Municipal
Cienciano vs Cesar Vallejo
Atletico Grau vs Alianza Lima
Mannucci vs. Melgar
ADT vs Carlos Stein
University vs. Cantolao
Sport Boys vs UTC
Binational vs San Martin
Athletic Alliance: rest

Second date: July 15-18

Municipal vs Cienciano
Cesar Vallejo vs ADT
San Martin vs University
Sport Huancayo vs Atletico Grau
Cantolao vs. Binational
Carlos Stein vs Ayacucho FC
Alliance Lima vs. Sport Boys
Melgar vs Sporting Cristal
UTC vs Athletic Alliance
Carlos A. Mannucci: rest

Third date: July 22-24

Ayacucho vs Cesar Vallejo
Athletic Alliance vs. Cantolao
Atletico Grau vs UTC
Sport Boys vs San Martin
Mannucci vs Alianza Lima
Melgar vs Sport Huancayo
ADT vs Cienciano
University vs. Carlos Stein
Binational vs Municipal
Sporting Cristal: rest

Fourth date: July 26-27

Cantolao vs Atletico Grau
UTC vs Sporting Cristal
Sport Huancayo vs. Mannucci
Alianza Lima vs. Alianza Atlético
San Martin vs Ayacucho FC
Carlos Stein vs Sport Boys
Municipal vs ADT
Cienciano vs Binational
Cesar Vallejo vs University
Melgar: rest

Fifth date: July 29- August 1

Melgar vs. UTC
Athletic Alliance vs. Carlos Stein
Ayacucho FC vs Cienciano
University vs Municipal
Mannucci vs. Cantolao
Atletico Grau vs San Martin
ADT vs. Binational
Sporting Cristal vs Alianza Lima
Sport Boys vs Cesar Vallejo
Sport Huancayo: rest

Sixth date: August 5-8

San Martin vs Athletic Alliance
Cesar Vallejo vs Atletico Grau
Cienciano vs University
Alianza Lima vs. Melgar
Carlos Stein vs. Mannucci
Municipal vs Sport Boys
Cantolao vs Sporting Crista
Binational vs Ayacucho FC
Sport Huancayo vs ADT
UTC: rest

Seventh date: August 12-15

Ayacucho vs ADT
Sport Huancayo vs UTC
Melgar vs. Cantolao
Sporting Cristal vs. Carlos Stein
Mannucci vs San Martin
Athletic Alliance vs Cesar Vallejo
Atletico Grau vs Municipal
Sport Boys vs. Cienciano
University vs Binational
Alianza Lima: rest

Eighth date: August 19-22

ADT vs University
UTC vs Ayacucho FC
Alliance Lima vs Sport Huancayo
Carlos Stein vs. Melgar
San Martin vs Sporting Cristal
Cesar Vallejo vs. Mannucci
Municipal vs Athletic Alliance
Cienciano vs Atletico Grau
Binational vs Sport Boys
Cantolao: rest

Ninth date: August 26-29

Sport Boys vs ADT
University vs Ayacucho FC
UTC vs Alianza Lima
Sport Huancayo vs Cantolao
Melgar vs San Martin
Sporting Cristal vs Cesar Vallejo
Mannucci vs Municipal
Athletic Alliance vs Cienciano
Atletico Grau vs. Binational
Carlos Stein: Rest

Tenth date: 2-5 September

ADT vs Atletico Grau
Ayacucho FC vs Sport Boys
Alliance Lima vs University
Cantolao vs UTC
Carlos Stein vs Sport Huancayo
Cesar Vallejo vs. Melgar
Municipal vs. Sporting Cristal
Cienciano vs. Mannucci
Binational vs Athletic Alliance
San Martin: rest

Eleventh date: September 9-12

Athletic Alliance vs ADT
Atletico Grau vs Ayacucho FC.
Sport Boys vs University
Alianza Lima vs. Cantolao
UTC vs Carlos Stein
Sport Huancayo vs. San Martin
Melgar vs Municipal
Sporting Cristal vs. Cienciano
Mannucci vs. Binational
Cesar Vallejo: rest

Twelfth date: September 16-19

ADT vs. Mannucci
Ayacucho F.C. vs Athletic Alliance
University Athletic Grau
Sport Boys vs Cantolao
Carlos Stein vs Alianza Lima
Saint Martin vs UTC
Cesar Vallejo vs Sport Huancayo
Cienciano vs. Melgar
Binational vs. Sporting Cristal
Municipal: rest

Thirteenth date: September 29- October 2

Sporting Cristal vs ADT
Manucci vs Ayacucho FC.
Athletic Alliance vs University
Atletico Grau vs Sport Boys
Cantolao vs. Carlos Stein
Alliance Lima vs San Martin
UTC vs Cesar Vallejo
Sport Huancayo vs Municipal
Melgar vs. Binational
Scienceno: rest

Fourteenth Date: October 4-6

ADT vs. Melgar
Ayacucho F.C. vs Sporting Cristal
University vs. Mannucci
Sport Boys vs Athletic Alliance
Atletico Grau vs Carlos Stein
San Martin vs Cantolao
Cesar Vallejo vs Alianza Lima
Municipal vs. UTC
Cienciano vs Sport Huancayo
Binational: rest

Fifteenth date: October 7-10

Melgar vs. Ayacucho FC.
Sporting Cristal vs Universitario
Mannucci vs. Sport Boys
Athletic Alliance vs Atletico Grau
Carlos Stein vs San Martin
Cantolao vs Cesar Vallejo
Alianza Lima vs. Municipal
UTC vs Cienciano
Sport Huancayo vs. Binational
ADT: rest

Sixteenth date: October 14-17

ADT vs San Martin
University vs. Melgar
Sport Boys vs Sporting Cristal
Atletico Grau vs. Mannucci
Athletic Alliance vs Sport Huancayo
Cesar Vallejo vs. Carlos Stein
Municipal vs Cantolao
Cienciano vs Alianza Lima
Binational vs UTC
Ayacucho FC: Rest

Seventeenth date: October 18-20

Sport Huancayo vs Ayacucho FC.
Melgar vs Sport Boys
Sporting Cristal vs Atletico Grau
Carlos A. Mannucci Athletic Alliance
U. San Martin U. Cesar Vallejo
Carlos Stein Sports Municipal
Cantolao Science Academy
Binational Lima Alliance
University: rest

Eighteenth date: October 21-24

ADT vs Cantolao
Ayacucho F.C. vs Alianza Lima
University vs Sport Huancayo
Atletico Grau vs. Melgar
Athletic Alliance vs. Sporting Cristal
Mannucci vs. UTC
Municipal vs San Martin
Cienciano vs. Carlos Stein
Binational vs Cesar Vallejo
Sport Boys: rest

Nineteenth date: October 28-31

Alianza Lima vs. ADT
Cantolao vs Ayacucho FC.
UTC vs University
Sport Huancayo vs Sport Boys
Melgar vs Athletic Alliance
Sporting Cristal vs. Mannucci
Cesar Vallejo vs Municipal
San Martin vs Cienciano
Carlos Stein vs. Binational
Atletico Grau: rest