Coldplay: Alberto Menacho, Artes producer, does not rule out second concert date in Peru

The euphoria among thousands of Peruvians was unleashed last Monday, December 6, when they finally announced that Coldplay, one of the most important British bands of the moment worldwide, will return to our country after 6 years of absence. The quartet will arrive as part of their Music of the Spheres world tour.

Hours before the official confirmation, in social networks it was already speculated that the group led by Chris martin he would keep his promise to return. Through its social networks, Coldplay revealed that it will be presented at the National Stadium on September 20, 2022. In turn, the Artes production company, pointed out that Camila Cabello will be the opening act for this long-awaited show, which undoubtedly promises to surpass the previous.

Amid the expectation and doubts about the process of purchasing tickets and distributing places due to the pandemic, La República spoke with Alberto menacho the concert producer and in charge of making the dream of thousands of fans of the English band come true.

The businessman explained that it was not difficult to bring Coldplay Since, in the first concert in 2016, which was a success, he maintained a relationship with the representatives of the famous quartet.

“It is not difficult. It’s hard work because for a band of this nature you have to first decide to go on tour and then see the whole logistics issue. They travel with a lot of people, their team. We brought them in 2016 and there is a kind of relationship with the agency and that allowed that, if they went on tour again, they would most likely come ”, he commented.

About the distribution of ticket sales and spaces, Alberto menacho He explained that it is subject to the changes that could occur due to the pandemic.

“Like all over the world, tickets subject to government sanitation guidelines are being sold at this time. We don’t have a crystal ball, but we want to put on a show we want to have a full stadium, but I don’t know if we can do it. A huge effort has gone into bringing the band; however, there are certain variables that we do not control. While it is true that we are going on sale in a few days, everything is subject to the fact that when the time comes, the conditions are conducive to holding the concert ”, he mentioned.

For the reassurance of all Coldplay fans who want to go to the concert, the producer of Artes guaranteed that the ticket prices will be similar to the previous show and accessible.

“Yes. We are making some adjustments if between tomorrow and the day after we are getting the price of the tickets in our networks and do not panic, wait for me in peace, no problem ”.

Alberto menacho He did not rule out the possibility of Coldplay announcing a second concert in Peru, since it all depends on how the first one develops and the disposition of the band. “It had not been conceived, it all depends on how the behavior is, let’s see” he pointed.

Another problem that exists when big bands appear in our country is ticket resale. Given this, the concert producer indicated that they will take the necessary measures to avoid, within their possibilities, that these practices continue to be carried out.

“That is going to happen (the resales). We are taking all the measures in place and to be. We will limit the number of tickets you can buy per person. Most likely, the sale will be exclusive online. We are taking several measures so that this does not happen, do not worry. Unfortunately, it is a cancer that we have, I would like it to be legislated and banned, but we can take measures to minimize the risk, “he said.

Finally, Alberto Menacho assured that the concert on September 20 will be a show full of emotional moments, as seen in 2016.

“(A superconcert awaits us. Coldplay is known for their good music, they are very good musicians, especially for their brilliant setting. and wonderful in which they will really give us two or three very exciting hours. There is a very high emotional level and that awaits us. We already witnessed that in 2016 and people have not stopped writing to me to come back, “he concluded.