Coldplay: know their history, their members and everything about their 2022 world tour

Coldplay the renowned British band of alternative rock returns to the international stages with his new world tour Music of the Spheres scheduled for 2022. This tour aims to promote his new album, so he will give concerts in several Latin American countries such as Argentina, Chile, Colombia and also Peru. Learn in this note everything about Coldplay and their next world tour from its history to their first concert on Peruvian soil.

Coldplay came about when Chris Martin and Jonny Buckland They met at the University of London in 1996, after some time thinking about forming a band they managed to consolidate Pectoralz. A short time later, Guy Berryman and Phil Harvey, two of his teammates, joined to complete the quintet; Will Champion came in on percussion.

With a lot of spirit of artistic entrepreneurship, the band began by playing in small bars and clubs in the city. In 1997, with more experience, they changed the name definitively to Coldplay. A year later, the band released their first EP titled “Safety” which was distributed as a promotion.

After that they signed for the first time with a record company, called Fierce panda with whom they released the EP Brothers & Sisters in 1999, recorded in just four days. This song put them on the musical map of their country, since several media classified them as the revelation band and one of the most promising of the moment.

But their worldwide success did not come until 2000, when they published “Parachutes”, his first album. The album obtained a notable reception in Europe and the United States. His first single was the song “Shiver”, which was followed by “Yellow”. This song came to be at number 4 on the British charts. In 2002, Coldplay won a Grammy for Best Alternative Album consolidating his artistic career.

The well known British band, Coldplay was founded and started by Chris Martin and Jonny buckland in 1996. Later, Guy Berryman and Phil Harvey joined, who became the band’s manager. The last to enter was the percussionist, Will Champion.

Currently the British band is made up of:

The band led by Chris Martin was not originally going to be called that. As we already mentioned, his first name was Pectoralz. They changed it because a club owner needed a name to register them as artists at an event, and Coldplay was the first word that Will Champion came up with.

However, Tim Crompton, a friend of Chris had a band with the same name. When they no longer wanted to use the name, Martin and his people asked if they could stay with Coldplay. It should be noted that The original Coldplay took its name from a book of poems called Child’s Reflections: Coldplay, by Philip Horky.

The British group Coldplay announced his world tour Music of the Spheres whose objective is to promote their new album and disseminate sustainability initiatives and environmental commitments, since the shows will be characterized by reduce 50% of CO2 emissions and use renewable energy to power the stage.

The tour will pass through Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, the United States, Mexico, Germany, Poland, France, Scotland, England and Brazil. It will begin on March 18 in San José (Costa Rica) and will end in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) on September 10.

“We have been planning this tour for many years and we are very excited to be able to play in front of you again. At the same time we are very aware that the planet is suffering a climate crisis. We have spent two years talking with environmental experts to make this tour as sustainable as possible, “the British group said in a statement.

Some of the countries where Coldplay will play as part of their “Music of the Spheres” world tour are:

The British band led by Chris Martin will give a concert in our country next September 20, 2022, as part of his tour World Music of the Spheres. The show will take place at the National Stadium in Lima and will feature the special participation of Camila Cabello.

The first concert of Coldplay in Peru took place at the National Stadium on April 5, 2016 as part of their A Head Full of Dreams tour. More than 40,000 euphoric attendees arrived at the place with multicolored posters, flags, and who ignored the infinite queue where they had to wait for hours. However, it was all worth it when they could see and hear their musical idols, and sing along to some of their most iconic songs like “Paradise”, “Viva la vida”, “Adventure of a lifetime”, “The Scientist” or “A Sky Full of Stars ”.

In addition, the concert closed in a moving way, with Chris Martin taking his son Moses, then 10 years old, up on stage to sing to him. “Happy Birthday”. Now, fans are hoping that the concert already scheduled for 2022 will achieve the same expectations.