Colombia: man stabs several people shouting that “it was the Terminator”

A man carrying a knife stabbed several people while yelling that he was the fictional character Terminator. According to the authorities, the subject was under the influence of alcohol in the department of Santander, Colombia.

In a video recorded by one of the neighbors, the young man is observed threatening with a knife and chasing several women. At the same time, another man tries to defend them by pointing another knife at the aggressor to drive him away.

Soon after, police officers arrived, who finally managed to arrest the attacker, who left the victims bleeding and wounded.

The police authorities have indicated that this situation is part of another 14,000 fights that occurred throughout the year 2021 in the country.

The last week of the end of the year, several incidents of the same type were registered; this because of the holidays. In Barranquilla there was another incident: a citizen, identified as Yefin Jesús Yepes Tapias, was the victim of a shooting as a result of an argument between neighbors.

The event happened at 6.55 am on Saturday, January 1. The individual took out a firearm and began to shoot without distinguishing those who were present.

Yepes Tapias received a bullet impact in the head, for which he was immediately assisted. However, the health center to which he was taken confirmed his death.

Another similar event happened in Montería, a man named as Lester Pérez Argumedo, 51, was arrested by the Metropolitan Police under the crime of murder for killing one of his neighbors with the pick of a bottle.

Omar Orozco Guerrero, Lester’s victim, was treated and taken to a hospital, but arrived without vital signs.