Colombian media criticizes Yaco for speaking ill of Shakira: “It is not the first time she has been attacked”

Yaco Eskenazi became a target of criticism after harshly questioning Shakira on national TV for the recent premiere of her single “TQG” (“Te quedo grande”) with Karol G, which has darts towards Gerard Piqué in its verses. In an edition of “Estás en todas”, while accompanying Natalie Vértiz in conducting the space, Yaco had an unfortunate comment to qualify Shakira and her new music for being so closely linked to the former Barcelona player.

What did Yaco Eskenazi say about Shakira?

The commotion began when Natalie Vértiz took the floor to applaud the collaboration of Shakira and Karol G. Yaco Eskenazi could not avoid intervening to disagree with the former Miss Peru’s speech. She even said that she disapproved of her new musical style and that, therefore, she no longer considered herself a fan of hers.

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I feel that it is a terrible toxic, I loved Shakira from the pink album and the one from ‘Pies descalzos’, from then on I am no longer such a fan. I don’t like this version of Shakira out of spite. I don’t see Piqué offended, ah. She showed how she has surpassed her, she is extremely surpassed, ”said the driver of” In this kitchen I command “.

Colombian outlet condemns “attacks” by Yaco Eskenazi on Shakira

Of course, Yaco’s comment did not go unnoticed by Shakira’s legion of fans on social networks. In just hours, Internet users turned the former member of “This is war” into a trend, and caused the presenter’s name to appear on foreign portals.

The Colombian environment exposed the presenter in one of his notes, reporting that Yaco joined a list of drivers who attacked Shakira for disagreeing with the messages of her songs.

Yaco Eskenazi was exposed for “attacking” Shakira on national TV. Photo: capture

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“As expected, various programs and international media did not hesitate to go all out against Shakira, after the launch of the new song with Karol G. Among the comments was that of the driver, actor and former Peruvian soccer player Yaco Eskenazi“, they wrote at the beginning.

Lines below, they stated: “This is not the first time Shakira has been attacked for her ‘tusa’ songs (spite)”.

Yaco Eskenazi was exposed for “attacking” Shakira on national TV. Photo: capture