Combat: The time ‘Zumba’ left Jenko del Río silent at a hotel reception

Without a doubt, “Combate” was one of the most successful programs on the small screen, in such a way that the participants of the competition reality toured various parts of our country. For this reason, in the podcast “COMFM”, the hosts Mario Irivarren and Fabianne Hadayisha have not hesitated to ask each of their guests some anecdote that they remember about that stage in their lives, and it was israel dreyfus who mentioned an episode of Jenko del Rio and ‘Zumba’.

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Why did ‘Zumba’ leave Jenko del Río silent at a hotel reception?

the nowadays figure of “This is War”, He commented that one of the anecdotes he remembers the most about the trips on the tours of the ATV fwhat happened to Jenko del Rio Y ‘zumba’it was so that after mentioning that event, the Vania Bludau’s ex-partner decided to relate step by step what happened many years ago.

As mentioned by the popular “iri”back then Jenko Y Palom Fiuza They were starting a romance, so after going out to a nightclub that had the entire cast, the former member of the green team went into the room of the Brazilian and began to take off her clothes, a fact that at the raelity girl she didn’t like me and decided to run out of the room, but what she didn’t expect was that the television figure would chase her, and when they were outside the room, they were surprised that the exboy reality I was without clothes in the corridor of the hotel and the door had been closed.

In this way, it is Pigeon decided to ask for a key and give it to zumba so that it can be reached sportsman, and after that they decided to go eat something, but what the model is that his friend confessed that he had not given him a key, so when they arrived at the hotel they saw him Jenko at the reception with only a towel, so the former red team member He decided to play a joke on him by removing the towel and leaving him silent.

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How did Jenko del Río react to the ‘Zumba’ joke?

It should be mentioned that the character of ‘zumba’ He has always had something to talk about and is one of the members of “Combat” loved ones on the small screen, which is why he was very quick to make friends with his co-workers, and one of them was Paloma Fiuza who asked the exboy reality leave the key to his boss, but after confessing that he did not give the key to Jenko, they found him alone with a towel in the hotel reception.

as revealed irivarrenin the middle of the discussion between del Río and Fiuza, the character on the small screen had no better idea than to leave him without a towel, but in the end everything went wrong, since after the exboy reality I took the towel off ex-husband of Paloma Fiuza he started a fight at the reception with the security people, since del Río had thought that they had made fun of him.