Commotion in the US: Police kill an 8-year-old girl, but they accused two young people of her death

Two young people have been accused of murder in the United States for the death of the little girl Fanta bility, 8, who was killed by a police officer during a shooting between students at two rival schools in Philadelphia.

According to information from local media, the events occurred on August 27, during a football game between Pennsbury and Academy Park schools, however, everything ended badly when two classmates argued with others.

As a result of the confrontation, a shooting was unleashed that caused those who attended the stadium to run in terror for fear of dying from a stray bullet. At the time, Officers John Scanlan III, Devon Smith and a third whose name has not been revealed reacted.

The agents responded with shots at a car, as they thought that the shots came from the vehicle, however, in the crossfire, five people were hit with the bullets, including little Fanta.

The eight-year-old minor was shot in the back from the gun of one of the police officers, for which they had to be taken to a health center as an emergency. Despite attempts to help her, she sadly lost her life.

Although Fanta’s family filed a lawsuit against the officers for the use of lethal force, in addition to verifying that the bullet that killed the little girl came from the police, they will not be tried for the murder.

Instead, they will be prosecuted Alfredo AJ Ford and Hasein Strand, the two young men who supposedly started the fight. “They were trying to kill each other that night, and as a direct result, a little girl is dead,” Delaware County District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer said about the case.