Controversy in Argentina: judge investigated for kissing with a life sentence

The criminal judge Mariel Suarez from the city of Comodoro Rivadia, in Chubut in southern Argentina, was caught kissing with Cristian ‘Mai’ Bustos an inmate who must serve a life sentence. The event, which occurred on Wednesday, December 29, 2021 at the Provincial Penitentiary Institute (IPP) of Trelew, has generated controversy among citizens.

In this regard, the Superior Court of Justice of Chubut administrative proceedings were initiated because the magistrate had engaged in “inappropriate behavior” with the recently convicted prisoner.

‘Mai’ Bustos was sentenced to life in prison on December 22 for the murder of a policeman in Corcovado, an incident that occurred in 2009.

Meanwhile, Mariel Suárez was part of the Court that determined the penalty for Bustos. The woman voted to dissent to life in prison and requested a lesser sentence for the crime.

Seven days after the sentence, the judge traveled to Trelew, where Bustos was being held, and had a meeting with him.

There were kisses, hugs, meals and they drank mate, something “forbidden to share by virtue of the ongoing pandemic,” says the complaint that ADN Sur had access to.

The part of the Judicial Power indicates: “From the data communicated from the IPP it appears that the judge had incurred in inappropriate conduct for a magistrate. The proceedings are aimed at elucidating the circumstances of said meeting between a magistrate and a convicted person, the tenor of the meeting, its length in time and its characteristics, which may involve violations of the Public Ethics Law and / or the Internal Regulations. General of the Judiciary ”.

For now, the decision is expected in this case that caused a judicial scandal in the Argentine province.