Copa Libertadores 2022: the big difference between the prizes of the women’s and men’s tournament

This Monday, December 20, Conmebol held the draw for the preliminary phase for the Copa Libertadores 2022 where he was able to meet the teams and the keys that the Peruvian squads will have to face to qualify for the highest South American club tournament. In addition, important news regarding the award was released.

Alejandro Domínguez, President of the organization, indicated that ‘Eternal glory’ will now have a greater reward. In the case of the men’s competition, the money that the champion wins amounts to 16 million dollars that is, a million more than what you got Palmeiras after beating Flamengo in the final.

In addition, in the Copa Libertadores Femenina there will also be an increase in remuneration for the winning squad. In the 2021 edition, Corinthians received $ 30,000 for defeating Independiente Santa Fe in the final. However, Conmebol’s boss mentioned that by 2022, the prize will amount to one and a half million dollars. Which means a big change from last season.

However, despite the fact that it has increased, it is still very inferior compared to the male category: the difference is 14 and a half million dollars.

Here it should be noted that the difference may be greater, since a club not only receives a reward for winning the championship, but, as Domínguez explained, an economic incentive is also given for each phase passed. In the case of the male branch, it could reach up to $ 25,050,000.

However, in the recent announcement, it is not mentioned if the women’s tournament will also have these payments after passing the group stage. It is worth remembering that, unlike the men’s Libertadores, which has 47 participating clubs, the women’s category only has 16 teams.