Corazón Serrano: What is the fundamental requirement that you must meet if you want to be the next member?

Corazón Serrano is one of the cumbia groups most recognized nationally, due to the great talent of their singers and the success of their songs.

The owners of the group LawrenceEdwin and Edit GuerreroIn order to choose a new singer, they carry out a series of castings and the future members must meet a fundamental requirement. Which is it? Coming up next, we tell you.

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What is the most important requirement that a member of Corazón Serrano must meet?

Edwin Guerrero revealed in the Carlos Orozco podcast what is the main requirement that all the members of Corazón Serrano must meet, since it is the quality that would make them different from other singers who are also talented.

According to the businessman, the artists of the Piurana group must have an “angel” when interpreting the songs that they are assigned, because in this way they can make their fans feel the emotion that the song wants to convey.

“We are looking for the timbre of voice, that it has an angel, that it interprets the song differently. If you don’t have experience or vocal technique, you can learn that, but you don’t learn the feeling,” he said Warrior.

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Who is the only member of Corazón Serrano who did not pass the casting?

The only member of serrano heart Who did not pass the casting was Susana Alvarado, because in her interview for Carlos Orozco’s YouTube channel, she said that she was summoned by means of a call.

However, he explained that she passed the casting to be part of El Encanto de Corazón, another group of the Guerrero brothers, so they already knew the talent the singer had.

“Don Lorenzo (Guerrero Neira) called me to tell me that Irma was pregnant, that they needed a girl for Corazón Serrano, and that he wanted to try me, but I did not see it as a fact,” Alvarado said.

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Who is the member of Corazón Serrano who lied about her age in the casting?

The former member who lied about her age at the casting of serrano heart was Thamara Gomezbecause he decided to assure during his presentation that he was 15 years old when he was only 12 years old.

“There is a rumor that says that you lied in your age, is it true?” Chiquiwilo asked when interviewing the singer. Given this, Thamara did not hesitate to reveal that it was true: “Yes, I said that I was 15 years old when in reality I was 12. Imagine having a girl in a musical group under your responsibility.”