Could Magaly Medina return to prison after recording Jefferson Farfán’s ampay with Yahaira Plasencia?

Magaly Medina and Jefferson Farfán continue their judicial confrontation, after the journalist issued an ampay between the former soccer player and Yahaira Plasencia in 2019, showing that they had resumed their relationship.

Given this, he10 street‘ decided to take legal action against the television host, however, several years of investigation have already passed, and in just a few days the sentence that the Judiciary will issue will be known.

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Would Magaly Medina return to prison?

Faced with this demand from the ex-soccer player, Magaly Medina could go back to prison, just as he did in 2008, when Paolo Guerrero won the lawsuit against him.

Given this, the presenter has ruled on the matter and ensures that there are certain irregularities in her process with Jefferson Farfan that her human rights have been violated, as she maintains that they did not allow her to defend herself through the courts.

Last Tuesday, May 23, Magaly Medina accused in his program “Magaly TV The Firm”that the regulator of the Judiciary attempted against its faculties with this notice of conviction.

That is why he made a video call with his lawyer and explained his detailed situation.

“Suddenly these courts want to sentence at any cost and that is not done, and the Judiciary has regulations that are complied with. (..) They tell me that on May 30 the judge of the 38th Criminal Court has ruled that I am going to be sentenced together with my producer. I have spoken with my lawyer, and he tells me that this judge is violating a rule. Therefore, she is violating my right to legitimate defense. They have not let my lawyer formulate the defense arguments, ”said Magaly, very obfuscated.

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How much money has Jefferson Farfán requested from Magaly for the ‘ampay’ with Yahaira?

In September 2019, Magaly Medina made public that Jefferson had sued her for 5 million soles after the dissemination of images of the former Alianza Lima soccer player with the salsa singer.

However, the journalist indicated that she will defend herself against the accusations brought against her.

“Farfán is prosecuting me for 5 million soles, for making fun of him. Because what I could read in the file is that, he says that I speak ironically, but how do you want me to speak?” Magaly tells in an interview for the Trome.