Crimean bridge on fire: car bomb explosion shocks Russia

This Saturday, a car bomb caused a large fire in the crimean bridge a key infrastructure and symbol of the annexation of the Ukrainian peninsula by Russia, which opened an investigation without immediately accusing Ukraine.

Images from security cameras circulating on the internet show a huge explosion, which appears to have occurred as a truck passed by. Other sequences show the burning railway line and a collapsed section of road.

The bridge, opened in 2018 and promoted by order of the president Vladimir Putin it is the symbol of the annexation of this Ukrainian peninsula by Russia in 2014.

Yes Ukraine turns out to be behind this explosion, it would be a serious setback for Russia, since it is a critical infrastructure and far from the front line.

Since the beginning of September, Russia has added military setbacks, since its troops had to retreat both in the northeast and in the south of Ukraine, particularly in the Kherson region, bordering Crimea, and whose annexation was announced by Moscow.

“Today at 6:07 a.m., on the road side of the Crimean bridge, (…) a car bomb detonated, causing the fire of seven railway tankers going to Crimea,” said the Russian National Anti-Terrorist Committee. , quoted by local agencies.

The Kremlin spokesman quickly told the Ria Novosti agency that Putin had ordered the creation of a government commission to clarify the facts.

According to him Antiterrorist Committee Two vehicle lanes were damaged, although the arch of the bridge, spanning the Kerch Strait, was not affected.

The fire on the Crimean bridge, which is used for vehicles and trains, forced all traffic to stop. Ferries were enabled to facilitate the crossing, according to Russian agencies.

The bridge is essential for transporting people and goods to the peninsula, but also for supplying the Russian troops deployed in Ukraine.

The Moscow-installed head of the peninsula, Sergei Aksyonov, called on Crimeans to remain “calm” amid fears of food and fuel shortages.