Cristian Zuárez: what is the millionaire business that Laura Bozzo’s ex-partner is engaged in in Miami?

In his early years, Christian Zuarez He joined one of the most notorious Argentine groups of the moment: Complot. However, the singer gained great popularity in our country by becoming Laura Bozzo’s brand new partner. After 17 years of relationship, they announced their separation and found themselves involved in various controversies, as they accused each other of having been unfaithful. Over time, little was known about the artist and now he surprised by showing his new life, which has completely turned around. Next, we will tell you what he is currently doing in Miami.

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Why did Laura Bozzo and Cristian Zuárez end?

After starring in one of the longest romances in the show environment, Laura Bozzo and Cristian Zuárez ended their relationship after the television presenter discovered an alleged infidelity on the part of the singer with his partner Adriana Amiel, who later became his wife. However, he denied having been unfaithful. He assured that the compatriot businesswoman was a friend whom he had known for several years.

Cristian Zuárez and Laura Bozzo were together for 17 years. Photo: Capture/Broadcast

What does Cristian Zuárez do in Miami?

After their controversial separation, Cristian Zuárez changed his life completely. Away from the screens and the musical environment, the former member of Complot changed his business and is now the owner of a business that gives him exorbitant amounts of money. Therefore, he considers himself a ‘rich’ man. The Argentine is currently a prosperous businessman in Miami who is dedicated to yacht charter.

“We have a larger vessel that is a yacht. We have the motorcycles, which people can come and rent them (…) Today I can tell you that today I am truly rich, because I have everything. I have the air, I have the whole sea to myself and I think that this is the true wealth, ”he told the cameras of” Command whoever commands “.

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When did Cristian Zuárez marry Adriana Amiel?

Christian Zuarez and Laura Bozzo They ended their love relationship, which was announced in the midst of a controversy of alleged infidelity. The following year, in 2019, the Argentine began dating Adriana Amiel, with whom he allegedly cheated on the TV host. In 2020, before the coronavirus pandemic, the couple was married in a civil wedding in the United States.

“At 44 years old, I am no longer ‘dating’, as you will understand, after 17 years of relationship (with Laura), nine marriage proposals. This was already the last one and I said: “I’m going to insist once more and he accepted me,” Zuárez told an Argentine media outlet at the time.

Cristian Zuárez is married to the Argentine businesswoman Adriana Amiel. Photo: capture/Instagram