Cristiano Ronaldo acquired an expensive machine to improve his physical condition

Cristiano Ronaldo It is an out of series on and off the courts. It is known to all football fans that the Manchester United player, who could not avoid the fall of his team in the last day of the Premier League, has a special exercise routine to be suitable for all competition matches.

In addition to this, he has a diet to keep himself in good condition. However, not happy with it, it became known this Tuesday, January 4, that ‘CR7 ′ acquired a hyperbaric oxygen therapy machine According to what was reported by The Sun newspaper in England.

“Everyone knows that Cristiano is a fitness fanatic and is totally dedicated to being in the best possible shape. He has used oxygen chambers before in his career, but they are not that easy to find in the UK, so he decided to buy one and install it in his home. It means that if you ever feel a pinch (in a muscle), you can use it and reap the benefits. These are the reasons why so few games are lost due to injury ”, explained a source for the British portal.

The device bought by Cristiano Ronaldo belongs to the branch of hyperbaric medicine, which studies various pathologies. The hyperbaric oxygen therapy machine, within the sports field, applies a powerful analgesic effect, reduces acute and chronic inflammation, stimulates the regeneration of injured tissues, relieves neuropathic pain and helps fight infections.

“Hyperbaric chambers are medical devices created to carry out hyperbaric oxygen therapy in a non-invasive and safe way”, explains the specialized company Biobarica on its website, where it is stated that “the patient breathes high concentrations of oxygen at a pressure higher than normal atmospheric pressure.”

Also, in Europe they point out that a therapy with this technology has a cost of 100 dollars. The use depends on the lesions and the treatment to be implemented.

Last Monday, January 3, Manchester United lost at home to Wolves with Cristiano Ronaldo on the pitch. The Portuguese team fell by the slightest difference and did not have the opportunity to approach the top positions of the Premier League.