Cristiano Ronaldo: police investigated the son of CR7 for controversial video in the ocean [VIDEO]

Cristiano Ronaldo had a good time at Juventus after scoring consecutive goals after the restart of Serie A in Italy for him coronavirus. However, a controversial case occurred with her son and part of her family.

The maritime police of Madeira, in Portugal, would be investigating the family of the Portuguese, according to the commander and captain of the port, Guerreiro Cardoso, to Expresso.

After the son of Cristiano Ronaldo was recorded driving a jet ski, the authorities spoke out and the news has shocked the entire population of Portugal.

The 10-year-old boy’s aunt posted the video on his Twitter account. Instagram, which caused it to become viral in a few minutes after reaching 25 thousand reproductions. Likewise, the woman deleted the video clip due to the negative comments that began to emerge.

“I was left with my heart in my hand when I saw the video”, “very bad. What a lack of responsibility. So young and riding a jet ski. I thought there was a minimum age to be able to do it”, are some of the comments.

In the video you can see that Cristiano Ronaldo Jr.. and his relatives enjoy a day at sea, but what was controversial was seeing the minor riding the jet ski and driving a boat.

Guerreiro Cardoso, upon seeing the images, assured that they will begin the investigation process to find out exactly what happened, since to drive vehicles of this type you must carry a legal license that only adults obtain and the child has just turned ten years old.

In this way, Cristiano Ronaldo’s conflictive relationship with Justice is exposed, since he was now found guilty after throwing the cell phone of a minor in a Premier League match between Manchester United vs. Everton.

Who is the son of Cristiano Ronaldo?

Cristiano Ronaldo jr. is the name of the son of Cristiano Ronaldo, the popular CR7 and Juventus player. The minor is 10 years old and is already following in his father’s footsteps on the soccer fields, where he stands out for the plays he makes.

Why is Cristiano Ronaldo’s son being investigated?

The 10-year-old’s aunt shared the images on her Instagram account, in the clip a group of people could be seen, including children and adults enjoying the day on top of a boat. At one point, “Cristianinho” also appeared riding a jet ski and driving a boat.

The case is in the process of investigation to find out what really happened, since driving this type of vehicle requires a legal license that can only be obtained by adults. The boy turned ten years old on June 17.

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The delegation of Cuban doctors that is in Turin to assist Italy in the fight against the pandemic received an unexpected gift that its members will not forget: the world soccer star gave each doctor an autographed shirt.

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The Juventus footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo, surprised thousands of followers with a new ‘look’. The Portuguese player got rid of his mini-ponytail that he showed off at the resumption of the Italian championship after the break due to the coronavirus pandemic and wore a shorter haircut.

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Football player Cristiano Ronaldo and the Argentine model Georgina Rodríguez forgot about the problems caused by the coronavirus pandemic and spent a warm family day. “Love never ends,” Georgina wrote.

Cristiano Ronaldo has fun with his family.

Olympique de Marseille wants Cristiano Ronaldo and Zidane

Mohamed Ayachi Akhroudi is one of the contenders to buy the Olympic Marseille. The Franco-Tunisian businessman in an interview in Le Figaro, pointed out that within his project he would like to have the current Juventus player Cristiano Ronaldo and Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane.

“I love football. Especially the noble side of sport. I like the German discipline, especially that of Bayern Munich. I appreciate Barcelona football. And a player I will never forget is Cristiano Ronaldo. I like respect and discipline and he embodies that. If I dream of it in Marseille? Everything is possible in life. It is a dream that excites me. I also love Zidane,” Ayachi told Le Figaro.

Cristiano Ronaldo congratulates his eldest son

Cristiano Ronaldo is proud of each and every one of his children, but Cristiano Ronaldo jr. he was the first, and that will always be special to his father. Through Twitter, the footballer let him know that he feels very proud of him.

“I can’t even believe that my son is already ten years old! How time flies… but you have always been a source of pride for the dad who loves you so much. Congratulations, puppy! Have a happy day! I love you a lot!”, writes a very emotional Cristiano Ronaldo.

Georgina Rodríguez, wife of Cristiano Ronaldo, and her hot exercise routine

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Through his Instagram account, the Portuguese recalled that in 2016 he won the European Championship with the Portugal team, something that was very special for him and that he remembers to this day.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s emotional words are filtered after winning the European Championship with Portugal

Cristiano Ronaldo won the Euro 2016 with his Portugal team and it was recently possible to know what were the emotional words that one of the best players in the world had after winning the European team contest.

“It is the most important moment of my life, I have individual trophies, Champions League, but this is the happiest moment of my life, I am very happy, happy, happy, thanks to you. You (DT) scored in my life, I am sincere”, added Cristiano Ronaldo.

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Christiano Ronaldo was left with the desire to dedicate the Italian Cup to his cocky Cristiano Ronaldo Jr., whose birthday was the same day that Juventus faced Napoli. “Congratulations, pup! A happy day! I love you so much!” CR7 wrote via Instagram in the preview of the match.

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Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodríguez have a daughter.