Cultural Extension of Radio Schools

The Santa María Radio Schools have been adapting not only to the socio-educational context, and to all its demands to achieve a quality education, but also to the application of new techniques, tools and approaches to achieve such purposes. This is the case of the communicational activities and products grouped in the Institution’s Cultural Extension program, which promotes permanent education through creative, entertaining formulas and a lot of participation from the target groups.

The Cultural Extension is a new, educational and entertaining way to address important issues through creative resources that guide and help in the training of people, thus enriching their knowledge. Its main components are: School Almanac, Convivir Agenda, Educational Comics and the Story Contest.

School Almanac This is the longest running initiative that has been renewed over the years. It is an annual publication that offers practical guidance and topics for life. It was born in 1974 as a proposal for the cultural extension of Radio Schools to facilitate additional readings of interest, which are requested by students and the audience throughout the year, as they present topics that range from the environment, to family orientation, health, culture, popular gastronomy, women’s rights or citizenship, among others, including a long-awaited liturgical calendar in rural communities. Each edition, according to Radio Santa María sources, is expected by many families and students, even outside the country.

Convivir Agenda This publication forms a school resource for order and planning, aimed mainly at boys and girls between 9 and 12 years old, although it is also used by families, teachers and counselors. The Agenda is part of a broader project of Education in Values ​​for Coexistence. Its contents are related to the central themes of the courses of the Radiophonic Schools and social themes addressed by the teachers in the preparation of their classes and by the programmers of Radio Santa María, always focusing on the family, at school, in society. , at work, the environment or the political system.

Each year the aforementioned agenda prioritizes a topic that is treated in depth from various perspectives. For example, the 2018-2019 agenda was based on “Values ​​for peace and reconciliation”, while the 2019-2020 agenda dealt with “Values ​​for exemplary and transparency.”

Educational Comics They are a practical complement to the information transmitted by radio and internet. They began in 2015, forming a collection of educational comics aimed at both young and adult audiences, which tell a story and accompany it with practical information, activities and suggestions to serve in a practical, simple and entertaining way.

Story contest Radio Santa María has always aimed to promote creativity and participation in multiple ways, both artistic and literary, and that is why in 1993 the Short Story Contest was born as an initiative of the then director, P. Antonio Lluberes and with the support of the E. León Jimenes Foundation in Santiago.

The story contest had a similar precedent, but in the genre of tenths that were promoted among the audience and students of the Radio Schools, generally with central themes of the semester, turning the tenths into a resource to assimilate and internalize ideas. This contest disappeared due to the lack of diversity of authors and because this type of stanza was already in disuse.

In this sense, the current Contest has become one of the most outstanding activities and with more participation of Dominican writers who reside both inside and outside the country, which has allowed the realization of twenty-eight editions and the commitment to one more. Important figures of the national letters have been awarded in this event that has already been 28 editions.