Cusco band Motteros launches from Mexico their song “I met you in the chat”

Towards internationalization. The well-known Cusco rock band Motteros Since last September, it is part of the vast musical catalog of “Discos Musart, SA”, one of the most important Mexican labels with a long history in Latin America; with which they released their new album.

The leader of Motteros, Frechi Duran announced the musical launch of his new album with 11 songs under the signature of Musart, a production that has the collaborations of Tweety Gonzales (Argentina), Jesús el Viejo Rodríguez (Peru) and Lucho Benzáquen (Peru). The mixes and mastering were made in the studios of Andrés Mayo (Buenos Aires) and Holzman Studios (Santiago de Chile), the same ones who work with artists such as Mon Laferte, Libido, Benito Cerati, Fito Páez, among others.

From this album, the single chosen for the release is the song “I met you in the chat” in physical and digital format, which is already on all the platforms and music stores of the record label and Motteros. Six of the songs on this new album are unreleased, in addition to a couple of collaborations with the group “Los Rancheros” and Fredy Ortiz from the Banda Uchpa.

The long-awaited release of “Te metí en el chat” also includes the recording of a video clip that featured the participation of Mexican artists such as the comedian and Rap singer Memo Ríos, the singer and comedian Cristian Burgos, the actress América Jiménez, as well like Saul Castle keyboardist of the band “Victorios”. The video was directed by Martin Quintanilla and made by Peruvian filmmaker Calin Romero.

After this release, the recording of videos of the songs “Luna Ancestral” and “Bésame under the rain”, included in the new Motteros album, is already being prepared. The participation of the Argentine band Los Rancheros will be with the song “El Ché y Los Rolling Stones”; while the vocalist of the band Uchpa, Fredy Ortiz, will do it in the song “Corazón Contento” recorded in Quechua.

Mexico for me is a great opportunity, I was lucky enough to meet and make friends, I felt that people valued music more. In Peru I knocked on many doors and they all closed however, in Mexico I did not knock on the doors and they opened them for me. The theme of the video is a parody of everything that happens on the networks, such as when we are connected to the zoom and thousands of things pass through the camera, the father who passes by in a towel, etc. ”, Frechi Duran expressed from Aztec lands.

Motteros announced that his new discography is now available on his fanpage. You can follow the Cusco band on their music channels Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Spotify.