‘Cuto’ after ex-partner’s ampay: “Do you think I’m afraid that they can yell at me ‘cachudo’?”

Since last Monday, May 15, the name of the ‘Cuto’ Guadalupe He has been the protagonist of all the national entertainment portals after Magaly Medina issued an ampay starring Charlene Castro, until that day, the former player’s partner, when she entered a hotel with another man. Only the day after these images did the youtuber speak out and point out that he, despite everything, forgave the mother of her last child, but also confirmed the end of their romance.

Who did ‘Cuto’ blame for his ex-partner’s ampay?

However, “Cuto” was quite harsh with Magaly Medina, whom he blamed for having exposed his private life with the aforementioned report. The former defender even specified that he will initiate a new lawsuit against “Urraca” in the coming days.

“I always sent her messages telling her that I wanted a meeting with her, she never backed down when she reads them with other letters and tears them up. We are going to do this, everything has its end (…) The tears of my mother, of all my loved ones, she is going to pay more than once ”, she indicated that time.

Is ‘Cuto’ Guadalupe afraid of being called “cachudo”?

Now, after several days of that event, “Cuto” Guadalupe once again referred to Charlene Castro’s infidelity and pointed out that it is already part of the past. He even said that she is not afraid that people might yell “cachudo” at her in the street or anywhere else.

“Do you think I’m afraid that they might yell at me ‘cachudo’ or ‘cuckold’? God prepared me for this moment, he catches me in the maturity of my life. People thought they saw me badly and that I cried, I already cried. It’s something that had to happen and now it all makes sense. Faith belongs to everyone, ”he expressed to Trome.