Cuto Guadalupe: How do you get along with Melissa Klug after her problems with her nephew Jefferson Farfán?

The clashes between the peruvian soccer player Jefferson Farfán and the businesswoman Melissa Klug seem to never end, despite the fact that several years ago they decided to end their relationship and each one sought to continue with their lives.

However, one of the relatives of the ‘Seal’Cuto Guadalupe, showed his full support for the ‘White from Chucuito’ and assured that he has his admiration for everything he has achieved. How do they get? In this note from El Popular we tell you about it.

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How does Cuto Guadalupe and Melissa Klug get along?

cute guadalupe In an interview with Yako Eskenazi, he confessed to feeling deep admiration for Melissa Klügbecause he has always known how to get ahead and reinvent himself despite the problems he had.

“Yes, things happen and happen, you can’t live off rancor anymore. I melissa, Do you know why I admire her? Because she is a woman who has known how to reinvent herself, she does not lack work, she is a woman who has always been frontal. She has lived her life as she has wanted, she has her children and they love her. And who are we to judge,” said the former Universitario player.

For his part, ‘The White of Chucuito’ detailed that cute He is a great friend, in addition to the family bond he has, since he is the uncle of his children, so he decided not to make his opinion known about Charlene Castro’s ampay.

“Very apart from having a bond of friendship from many years ago, I have a family bond. Due to the respect I have for his family, children, for him, I am not going to give an opinion, because I am going to tell him in private,” he explained. the businesswoman.

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What advice did Cuto give Melissa Klug and Jefferson Farfán regarding their problems?

Given the hints that were sent Melissa Klug and Jefferson Farfan throught social media, cute guadalupe he disapproved of his behavior and labeled it as ‘chiquilladas’.

“I don’t see it well, that’s wrong because I have always handled myself by being frontal and sitting down, not forgetting that they are parents and that this does not lead to anything good. For me that is very low, childish, childish and it is not good ” , said the former athlete.

In addition, he assured that he hopes that both of them will get together at some point to smooth things over: “We hope that it will no longer happen because that is repetitive and we hope that they can get together. I would love that at some point in their lives they can both get together, I know that once the two get together things are going to be different, but if they don’t this is going to continue.”

Cuto Guadalupe, Melissa Klug and Jefferson Farfán. Photo: Diffusion

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Jefferson Farfán and Cuto Guadalupe are fighting

Jefferson Farfan and Cuto Guadalupe They have been involved in an argument for a long time, but neither of them has revealed what triggered their fight.

However, the current youtuber hinted that the former soccer player disrespected him and his mother was also involved in the problem. “I am his uncle and he has to learn to respect. I am not going to allow them to disrespect me. There are situations that happen that one has to face, it is not that it has already happened,” he mentioned.

Cuto Guadalupe and Jefferson Farfán. Photo: Diffusion