‘Cuto’ Guadalupe reveals how many years she has not spoken to Jefferson Farfán: “I don’t feel like I should look for him”

‘Cuto’ Guadalupe and Jefferson Farfán are relatives, since the mother of ‘Foquita’, Doña Charo Guadalupe, is the sister of the author of ‘Faith is the most beautiful thing in life’. Despite this relationship, both are distanced. In an interview with Jesús Alzamora for his YouTube channel, “Jefry’s” uncle revealed the reason for this departure. “I am not going to allow them to disrespect me (…) It was a situation that happened at the family level, where there was emotional damage (…) While something like this happens, people have to learn to ask for forgiveness”pointed out the historic ex-footballer in 2022.

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How long have ‘Cuto’ Guadalupe and Jefferson Farfán been apart?

In the latest edition of the program “Estás en todas” broadcast this Saturday, May 20, Yaco Eskenazi interviewed ‘Cuto’ Guadalupe, who was asked about the current relationship with his nephew Jefferson Farfán.

“We haven’t spoken to each other for eight years. He already made the first step. He could have a rapprochement with my mother. When I saw that reunion, that detail of him, I liked it. Yes, I can go look for him, but I don’t feel like I have to. This is the reality with my nephew Jefferson, I love him, I adore him, I admire him a lot, there is a lot of gratitude from me and the family towards him”, were the words of Guadeloupe.

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What did Jefferson Farfán say about the ampay of the ‘Cuto’ Guadalupe couple?

Jefferson Farfan He surprised his followers after speaking out about ‘Cuto’ Guadalupe on his social networks. In this sense, the former Peruvian selected was encouraged to comment on the difficult situation that his uncle is going through after they supported the mother of his son leaving a hotel with another man.

The popular ‘Foquita’ opened a question box on her Instagram account to interact with Internet users and one of them asked her about Guadalupe. “What do you think of what happened to your uncle ‘Cuto’?” Asked her follower. “I don’t think anything. I have values. My mother taught me that blood is blood.”replied the popular ’10 street’.

A follower of Jefferson Farfán asked him what he thought about ‘Cuto’ Guadalupe. Photo: Instagram/Jefferson Farfán