Cuto Guadalupe: What is your salsa orchestra and what other endeavors do you have?

Undoubtedly the name of ‘Cuto’ Guadalupe has given much to talk about in the last week after becoming known the controversial ampay starring his now ex-partner Charlene Castro with another man. But, the former soccer player has followed the advice of Shakira‘do not cry, and invoice’.

This is how he evidenced it Magaly Medina by revealing some of the entrepreneur’s ventures. “Cuto Guadalupe, who has a restaurant, is the coach of his football workshops in Callao, has his restaurant ‘Cuto 16’, and could take care of his children,” he said. He knows below what business the ‘Magpie‘.

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What are the enterprises that the ‘Cuto’ Guadalupe has?

1.- Restaurant

It is the most popular business of the expelotero, and it is his restaurant “Cuto 16”, the same one that is located in La Perla and sells all kinds of Creole dishes, including his classic carapulcra with dry soup. The dishes would have an average cost of between 10 and 40 soles.

“So you always wanted to open a restaurant, but you couldn’t because I was still active. I think my participation in El Gran Show was something magical… I was able to open myself up to another public,” the ‘Cuto’ confessed to El Comercio about How did you start in the world of gastronomy.

Instagram of the Restaurant ‘Cuto 16’.

2.- Soccer coach

Another of the ventures that Jefferson Farfán’s uncle would have would be closely related to his past and experience as a soccer player, because according to what Magaly Medina revealed, this would also give sports workshops for minors.

3.- Influencer and advertising

However, the popularity of his famous phrase “because faith is the most beautiful thing in life” has led him to be an important image of renowned brands such as Hyundai and Inkabet, the latter being the one that hired him along with Checho Ibarra as representatives. of his signature on the World Cup Qatar 2022.

Diffusion – Cuto Guadalupe.

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What is the orchestra of the ‘Cuto’ Guadalupe?

But, those would not be the only businesses that the popular ex-player of University of Sportssince he also made his brand new foray into the world of music by making the official launch of his own group named “Cuto and his Free Orchestra“, and his song “Cuto”.

“They are unpublished songs, all original, an orchestra that is hungry for glory and we are going to enjoy it. The first song they have heard, ‘Cuto’, they composed it for me, it speaks volumes about what ‘Cuto’ Guadalupe is as a person , from the Peruvian team, from my mother that I love so much,” said Cuto Guadalupe.

“We sing salsa, cumbia, even huayno will sing my orchestra, we are all terrain. My group is original… All the songs that are coming are original,” added Doña’s brother Charo Guadalupe.

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Was Giselle Zapata tricked by “Cuto” Guadalupe to sign the divorce?

According to the latest report released by the program of Magaly TV: The Firmthe baseball player would not have been the best father, much less the best partner in his relationship with Giselle Zapata, who would have accused him of mistreatment and apparently forced her to sign her divorce with deceit.

“The lady lives in a crowd, because the man does not want to take care of her children. She says that at the time of the divorce she promised her children that she would take care of him and her, but she did not… That is the Stations of the Cross for the majority of women… Cuto Guadalupe sold the apartment where they lived,” she asserted. Magaly Medina.