Cyclist shoots dead a thief who had just stolen his bike along with 3 accomplices

Security cameras captured the precise moment when four criminals they stole a citizen’s bicycle, without imagining that he, in retaliation, would attack them with bullets and end up killing one of them. The man was driving through the Álamos sector, a town in Engativá (Colombia), when he was robbed.

It was 4:51 in the morning of this Wednesday, April 19, when the gang of criminals left an alley located on Calle 68 with Carrera 96. Seconds later, on the bike path, the victim appeared, who was approached by two of them. the criminals. A third criminal got on the bike and fled.

Look at the video

One of the criminals was struggling with the citizen and then went out into the alley with his other three accomplices. It was at that moment that the robbery victim reacted, drew his gun and fired at the robbers.

The bullet hit one of the criminals and killed him instantly. It is not yet clear if he was carrying the revolver or if he took it from the criminal with whom he struggled. In the images it can be seen that he managed to give two shots and then he walked away from the place completely unscathed.

What did the Police say?

For their part, the Police indicated that the cyclist has not yet been located so that he can give his statement about what happened this morning and the circumstances in which he killed the thief. “He has to appear before the Police units or the Prosecutor’s Office to clarify his legal situation,” said officer Arango to Blu Radio.

The authorities must establish whether the victim of the robbery acted in self-defense. “That is contemplated in the Colombian Penal Code. The simple fact of causing a homicide has an investigation and it will have to be the judicial authorities, the Attorney General’s Office and the district criminal judges, who will give the verdict of these facts, ”he added.

The dejected thief is approximately 20 years old and his identity has not yet been established. About the assaulted citizen, it is only known that “his face was covered by climatic factors and the helmet he was wearing,” the uniformed officer concluded.