Cynthia Klitbo compliments Andrés Wiese: “He’s my spoiled child”

The Mexican actress Cynthia Klitbo is very happy for the great premiere of the series “Junta de neighbors”, which was the sensation when it achieved 22 rating points and reached 28 units minute by minute, on the América Televisión screen. In the midst of that joy, he said that he made beautiful friendships, especially with Andrés Wiese, whom he considers his darling.

“Andrés Wiese is my spoiled loving child, I had never seen a man with such good feelings and a good heart, he is one of my greatest friends that I have in the series, “said the remembered villain of Mexican soap operas.

Likewise, Klitbo mentioned that he had a great affinity with Nacho Di Marco, Karina Jordán, Miguel Iza, Sergio Galliani Y Priscilla espinoza, with whom he had a good time.

“They are wonderful companions, friends that I love very much. Galliani is very funnyNacho is like my son and Karina is a very sweet woman, “he commented.

On the other hand, the Mexican artist mentioned that when she recorded the comedy “Board of neighbors”, which is under the production of Miguel Zuloaga and it is transmitted after “Back to the neighborhood”, he did not miss his land because he made a life in this country, since he brought his daughter, boyfriend, nanny and their dogs.

“I got used to it a lot, I had a good time. In addition, I brought almost everything, I moved my life to another house, “he said.