Daddy Yankee fan shares a tour of the singer’s ostentatious house in Puerto Rico

Can you imagine being able to meet and stay in the house of your favorite artist? Just over a month ago, Daddy Yankee and the tourist accommodation rental platform Airbnb announced that the Puerto Rican singer had decided to open the doors of his sumptuous property located in Puerto Rico to catch his fans. Along these lines, those interested in occupying said venue were able to book their stay from December 6 through the company’s website.

That was the case with the popular tiktoker Alex J. Mendez Nieves known as jomar2000 on the social video platform, who was able to rent at a fairly affordable rate the incredible spaces in the home of the interpreter of “La gasoline”.

In addition to enjoying an unforgettable day relaxing by the ‘Big Boss’ pool and marveling at the dinner that included a private chef, the content creator took the opportunity to take a tour of the property and share various details of his stay at the house by through their social networks.

The tiktoker captured all the details of the Puerto Rican artist’s luxurious mansion and, immediately, his videos went viral on the social platform.

According to what was observed in his audiovisual material, the young man toured various corners of the home of the famous reggaeton player and then proceeded to record a ‘house tour’ through the interior and exterior of the two-story residence.

The tour began on the outside of the house. There it was possible to visualize the garden with a large terrace, a pool with a spa area, a volleyball court and many plants.

Likewise, a room was observed, next to the pool, with inflatable furniture and a table to play dominoes. It should be noted that this space had a wall with the phrase ‘Big Boss’.

Regarding the interior of the residence, the young man said that it has four rooms, but in this case Airbnb only enabled one for the guest who rented the house.

Meanwhile, the other spaces he showed inside were: the main room, which had two individual sofas; a black armchair, two coffee tables, a rug, two full-length mirrors, and a few wall decorations that Yankee has received throughout his career.

Additionally, next to the room, a billiard table lined with the Puerto Rican flag was observed.