Daddy Yankee was rushed to a clinic before his last show in Chile

daddy yankee he returns to generate covers during his stay in Chile. This time, the Puerto Rican singer was taken to the German clinic, located in Santiago. His bodyguard accompanied him at all times.

In social networks, the rumor spread that the interpreter of “Somos de calle” would have suffered a complication prior to his last show in Chile.

The Instagram user @biitchpostingcl shared a video on his account in which he can be seen daddy yankee Leaving the German clinic. According to the images, the visit of the Puerto Rican artist to the health facility was not serious.

Cecilia Gutiérrez, a celebrity journalist, confirmed this information that was circulating on social networks. “Daddy Yankee in the ER! The singer was in the German clinic in the afternoon and had to be treated by an otolaryngologist, “the communicator wrote on her Instagram.

daddy yankee stirred up the fans of Chile. The presentation of the ‘Big Boss’ was quite eventful since the fans who could not buy tickets forced their way into the National Stadium in Santiago.

“As a result of an attack (on a private guard), approximately 4,000 people entered the interior of the compound, which caused police personnel to have to use security and dissuasive elements to prevent other people from being injured,” he said. Police Colonel Rodrigo Ganga.

But the disturbances did not only occur outside the enclosure. Inside the stadium, the bars that separated the zones collapsed. The security personnel tried to control the situation with water tanks and, despite the acts of vandalism, the concert took place.

Although the organizers were careful with security, they could not control the more than 66,000 attendees.