Daddy Yankee would return to Peru this 2022: Why never dance at his concerts?

The king of reggeaton, Daddy Yankee, could return to Peru in 2022, since it is said that he would have included our country in his “The Last Time” tour. This show would be his retirement from the music scene as he announced in a video he posted on December 31, 2021.

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“This year 2022 I will give my last round in the world, in which country are you waiting for me?” Was what the greatest exponent of urban music wrote at that time, Daddy Yankee. Given this, the following curiosity has arisen: Why do you never dance at your concerts?

Why doesn’t Daddy Yankee dance at his shows?

daddy yankee He had an incident at the age of 17 that marked his life and is the reason why he does not dance at his concerts. Back then, when she lived in her neighborhood of San Juan, Puerto Rico, she suffered a bullet wound to the leg. After that, he was treated urgently and they managed to save his limb.

However, the interpreter of “La Gasolina” or “Lo que pasa, pasa”, ended up with a metal prosthesis in his leg that does not allow him to have full mobility, which is why he does not dance at his concerts or in his video clips .

However, his commitment to music has kept him offering concerts and shows for his fans and also because this has become his refuge after going through this painful moment in his life.

On one occasion, during an interview, daddy yankee He said that if the bullet had hit an artery, his leg would most likely have been amputated. He added that today he takes it with humor, especially when he is in the airports and goes through the detectors. In addition, he is aware that before dedicating himself to music, the ‘Big Boss’ he dreamed of dedicating himself to baseball, however after the incident with the bullet, his whole life changed.

When will the Daddy Yankee concert be this 2022 in Peru?

The inclusion of our country in the tour “The last time” from daddy yankee was announced by the Peru Concerts account, however, the date of its presentation in Lima has not yet been reserved, so it is expected that the “Big Boss” have at least two presentations.

What countries will Daddy Yankee visit on his last tour?

Until now, daddy yankee He does not reveal the list of countries he will visit in 2022 as part of his world tour. But it is expected that he will visit as many countries as this is the last time that his fans will have the opportunity to attend a concert of his.

From what we saw in the last presentation of the reggaeton artist in Puerto Rico, his presentations in the rest of the world will impact with his light shows and the audiovisual elements that he will implement for the greatest user experience.