Dalia Durán after learning that John Kelvin will remain in prison: “It seems the fairest thing to do”

John Kelvin continues to face the consequences of his crimes committed after what was known this last weekend. As recalled, the cumbia singer returned to jail after a new case of psychological violence against Dahlia Duran It happened at the beginning of February. This caused the Superior Court of Justice of North Lima to order him nine months in pretrial detention, for which he is now being held in the Lurigancho prison.

After learning of this unfavorable sentence for his defendant, the artist’s legal defense did not sit idly by and filed an appeal. However, this Saturday, the Judiciary declared this request unfounded. Therefore, he will have to remain behind bars after a vote that was not in his favor.

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Dalia Durán in favor of John Kelvin continuing in prison

After learning about the fact, Dalia Durán spoke out and, as expected, she was totally in agreement with John Kelvin continuing in jail. The Cuban assured that, despite what the artist says, he will never forgive all the damage he did to her and her children.

“It seems fair to me that he remains in prison. I am not going to forgive that man for all the damage he has caused us. Only God can forgive him. I still feel pain, because it is reliving the same thing, but not for him. What I can say is that I am strong. Here there is no manipulation or crying that matters to me, only my children, ”he declared to the press.

What happened to put John Kelvin back in prison?

In the first days of February of this year, John Kelvin went to Dalia Durán’s home to visit the eldest of her children that she has with her. However, the singer had restriction measures, so he could not approach the mother of his children. Subsequently, he was detained at the Santa Luzmila Police Station in Comas to, after a few days of processing, be locked up again after the nine months of pretrial detention imposed on him.