Dalia Durán: Ministry of Women rules out that her children are unprotected [VIDEO]

The Ministry of women It was pronounced after the children of Dalia Durán were taken to their facilities to verify how they are and if they are unprotected. Hours later they were returned to their home.

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In this regard, the Ministry of women reported that they acted after learning of the journalistic complaint of an alleged case of abandonment of Durán’s children, for which a multidisciplinary team from the Special Protection Unit went to the home of said family to verify the situation of the minors.

In this regard, the Ministry of Women ruled out that the children are abandoned, but they assured that some things will be adjusted so that Dahlia Duran better exercise her role as mother of a family.

“It was reported that with the consent and the company of their mother, the children were transferred to the UPE for the corresponding tests and to verify that their rights are guaranteed. A situation of lack of protection has not been noticed, there are some things to adjust and that he goes to work.
The multidisciplinary team will monitor the case, with a theme of strengthening the capacities of the mother’s roles,” the statement said.

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Why does Dalia Durán take care of her children alone?

Let us remember that the Cuban Dahlia Duran She is the mother of five children for whom she continues to work in different areas in order to get money, since the relationship she had with the singer John Kelvin It was terminated after she reported that she had been physically and psychologically assaulted by the father of her children.

To the date, John Kelvin She is serving her sentence in jail, for which the Cuban kept custody of the children, since she had no choice but to admit that she had mistreated her ex-partner Dahlia Duranwho was captured with multiple blows to the face and recounted the difficult recovery process that she took.