Dalia Durán patches Andrés Hurtado and affirms that he did not see donations: “They are lying”

He told you! In recent days, there was much speculation about the money donated by Andrés Hurtado’s daughters, who were moved by her story and during a live broadcast said they would help her.

“Dalia, Gennesis and I have made the decision to cover for you and your children the debt of the department, I am going to cover with 7 thousand dollars and Gennesis 3,200 dollars (…) I know what it is to be a foreigner in another country, I’m here alone and every day I find it difficult to lift my sister as a little woman and tell her that she can achieve everything, ”Jossety said at the time.

In addition, by then, the good news flooded Dalia, as Andrés Hurtado himself called her for his program and had her on his set, where he worked until the end of December, but assured that he would no longer hire her again.

“Every year we renew, also Raúl and Álvaro told me that they were annoyed because he made too many mentions, lies, lies … Dalia knows that we have treated her very well,” said Andrés.

Dalia Durán exposes Andrés Hurtado and his daughters

Now after all this drama, Dalia went to confession and maintained that she never saw the donated money, indeed, she said that she did not spend it on luxuries as was presumed.

“The money donated was to pay the debt of the department (where he previously lived). That silver did not pass through my hands at any time, I did not see a dollar, all dealings were made between the production and the lady (owner of the house) in a notary’s office. I don’t know what luxuries they are talking about if I live with the same things that I moved in with. I’m not going to shut up when I know they are lying, “he said.

Regarding not returning to the Panamericana set, the Cuban model affirmed that she did not beg to return, indeed, she claims to have faith and that despite not having proposals, something will come.

“There was no choteo because I never called him to ask him to renew me or something like that. My employment relationship was always good and I was responsible until my last contract day, which was December 18. I thanked him for the help and for the work that I took on with great responsibility from day 1 ”. added.

Dalia Durán shares a harsh message for the New Year: “Sometimes I don’t know how much more I can take”

He left the sorrows behind. The well-known Cuban Dalia Durán ended 2021 in the middle of the eye of the storm after it was learned that she retracted her accusations against John Kelvin, who is currently in preventive prison after carrying out a brutal physical attack months ago.

But nevertheless, Dalia Duran He caused a great commotion after sharing a harsh message where he opens his feelings and confesses that he has battled very hard against adversity. “This year taught me not to plan life so much … I have fought battles that everyone does not get up from and here I am,” reads the beginning of the post.