Dalia Durán returns to the catwalks and affirms that she will not reconcile with John Kelvin: “I will never reconcile”

The popular Dalia Durán has decided not to stop working despite the unfortunate situations she experienced with her ex-partner john kelvin the last month after being a victim of psychological violence.

As a result, the cumbiambero He returned to jail and shocked many by revealing that he is a prison music teacher. However, the public figure could go free this Monday if it is resolved at the hearing that he is in pretrial detention.

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For his part, Dahlia Duran she remains firm and focused on continuing to work to support her entire family. For this reason, the Cuban model did not hesitate to return to the catwalk and this time, for a clothing line at the Emporio de Gamarra.

In the middle of her event, the influencer spoke exclusively with El Popular, where she made it clear that she would not reach a conciliation with the singer John Kelvin.

“No, never, I don’t plan to reconcile,” the well-known woman answered emphatically. Dahlia Duranwho is waiting for the results of the hearing on Monday, April 3.

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Dalia Durán reveals that John Kelvin’s cousin and brother cannot get close to her

The foreign model Dahlia Duran He did not hesitate to reveal in the Magaly Medina program that he has protection measures and the John Kelvin’s cousin and brother They can’t get close to her.

“They are no longer my children’s family, today protection measures have just been issued, the judiciary in favor of my children and in my favor against Jimmy Gardella and Jorge Alberto,” he said,

“I have been presenting them now so that later they do not say that they have not been notified,” he added.

Here John’s cousin and brother are ordered to cease and refrain from all physical and psychological aggression or in any way that violates the personal and emotional integrity of the aggrieved Dalia Durán and her minor children,” he concluded.