Dalia will criminally denounce John Kelvin’s family: “She will be in trouble with the law”

Dahlia Duran She was surprised by the statements that appeared against her for alleged child abuse. The event host revealed that she will not allow them to continue touching the name of her minor children and question her work as a mother. In this sense, the Cuban model announced that she will take legal action against the relatives of John Kelvin, who appeared on Andrea Llosa’s program and released serious accusations against Dalia Durán.

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Dalia Durán denies the accusations against her

In dialogue with a local newspaper, Dalia Durán expressed her indignation with the family of John Kelvin. “From one moment to the next they worry about my children. He has to prove that, if not, he will find himself in trouble with the law (his ex-brother-in-law). It hurts me to expose them. My oldest son already told me everything, ”she said at the beginning in the interview with El Popular.

Likewise, Dalia Durán was confident and pointed out that she will be in charge of her little ones because she is capable. “When it comes to my babies, don’t get me wrong. This time, I count on everything and I will not leave the process until the last consequences. They will continue with me because I am with all my psychological and moral faculties, ”she said.

Dalia Durán denies having sent intimate videos to her ex-partner John Kelvin. Photo: composition EP / Captura América Television / Instagram John Kelvin

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Dalia Durán will sue John Kelvin’s lawyer

Citizen Dalia Durán was also consulted by John Kelvin’s lawyer, Ricardo Franco. Let’s remember that the doctor had controversial reactions, a few days ago, during a hearing, when he wanted to show alleged intimate videos that the Cuban woman would have sent to John Kelvin.

“I know that the prosecutor is going to denounce him, as well as my lawyer,” explained Dalia Durán. It is worth noting that Magaly Medina also had an altercation with the same legal expert.

John Kelvin’s brother attacks Dalia Durán

Jorge Sarmiento, John Kelvin’s brother, used his social networks to attack Dalia Durán and defend the singer, who is once again being held in a prison.

Dalia Durán annoyed with John Kelvin’s family for broadcasting audios of their children. Photo: Composition/LR

“Gentlemen, my brother just wants to spend quality time with his children. That lady makes life impossible for her,” he accused. “My brother was already heading his career again, and look what they do to him (…) My brother just wants to spend time with them and do what corresponds to him,” he added .