Daniel Lazo tried to leave the apartment for which he owes rent, but was discovered by the owner

Stay in the eye of the storm. Daniel Lazo He does not distance himself from the controversies and this time he was captured while trying to leave the apartment that he lives in Miraflores to avoid paying the large figure that he owes to Rocio Chavez, owner of the place. As recalled, the owner filed a public complaint on the set of “Love and Fire”, since the singer has not paid her for more than nine months, so his current debt is more than 30,000 soles.

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Did Daniel Lazo want to flee the apartment?

The cameras oflove and fireThey captured the precise moment in which Daniel Lazo was confronted by Rocío Chávez, owner of the apartment in which he lives, for owing more than nine months of rent and maintenance. Despite the fact that the artist said that he will not leave the property, the lady found him while he was trying to leave without paying the high debt that he has.

“I mean, you are leaving like a rat that runs away. No, Daniel, you owe me a lot of money (…). What a cool, what a liar, shameless and ungrateful you are, Daniel. Give me everything back, pay me everything you owe me,” she said angrily.

Likewise, she took the opportunity to claim him for not answering her messages and being oblivious to the harsh situation she is experiencing. “You know that I live in a rented apartment and you know that I have an illness, I have asked you to pay me and you don’t,” she added.

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Is Daniel Lazo willing to pay debt?

Days ago, Daniel Lazo issued an extensive statement on her social networks to publicize how the agreement with Rocío Chávez was being handled, after she made public that the winner of the first season of “La voz Perú” does not want to pay the more than 30,000 soles that has to.

The interpreter indicated that they will proceed legally so that there are no more conflicts between them. “I want to let you know that my lawyer and the lawyer of Ms. Rocío Chávez are in communication to resolve the pending issue in a peaceful and above all sincere way ”, reads the publication he made.

Daniel Lazo pronounces himself on the debt he maintains. Photo: Instagram/Daniel Lazo