Daniel Lazo: what does the Miraflores department look like in which he owes more than S/30,000 in rent?

Daniel Lazo He starred in dozens of headlines when he was publicly denounced by Rocío Chávez, owner of the apartment that the artist rented in Miraflores, after owing 9 months of rent, accumulating a total of more than 30,000 soles. Although at first he completely refused to leave the property, after days full of conflicts, the first winner of “La voz Perú” announced through social networks that he had left the place because it had several flaws.

Daniel Lazo’s apartment


According to the images published by Daniel Lazo on social networks, you can see some rooms in the Miraflores department where he lived until a few hours ago. According to the photographs collected, the place has a large room with furniture in brown and black tones, while the facade of the building is completely white.


Although she rarely shows what her bedroom looks like, she has been known to have a large bed that she can rest on after a long day. Likewise, the warm lighting of the room in orange tones gives it a natural touch.


Among all the spaces that the property has, without a doubt, the bathroom is one of the most important. During all this time, Daniel Lazo has uploaded some images in which you can see that his personal use space has a large Jacuzzi. In addition, the walls are made of majolica in cream and brown tones.

Daniel Lazo: this is what his house looks like. Photo composition LR/Instagram

Daniel Lazo did not want the owner to enter the apartment

The “Love and Fire” cameras intercepted Daniel Lazo to ask him the reasons why he did not want to leave the apartment that he still owes. The young musician warned the press that if they continued recording, the situation of Rocío Chávez and her daughter could worsen.

“It’s still my apartment,” he said. “You know that, legally, you cannot go up there,” said the interpreter to the owner. On the other hand, he declared that, according to the law, no one can enter the property without her permission and that he will proceed with the move slowly. “They can’t hold me. I am not going to move from the apartment yet, I am moving clothes, ”he pointed out.