Daniela Castro accused Renato Tapia’s cousin of humiliating her during her pregnancy: “Your son will not have a father”

How not to believe it. Renato Tapia’s cousin, José Martín Alva, has been in the eye of the storm after it was revealed that he lived with Daniela Castro for more than three years and had an almost paternal role with his son. However, that was not all, as things would not have been rosy.

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In the last edition of Magaly TV The FirmLast night, Tuesday, January 24, the young woman arrived on set accompanied by her lawyer Claudia Zumaeta and had no problem remembering the mandatory coexistence that she must have had with the subject, despite the fact that he denied it and wanted to argue that she was some kind of nanny for their children.

Without mincing words, Daniela Castro accused the cousin of Renato Tapia to humiliate her during her pregnancy and recounted unpublished passages of the mistreatment she received. “We didn’t get along, not at all, he had comments that didn’t go, we were strangers. I knew he was his cousin, but nothing more,” she said.

Even, Jose Martin Alva sent to your relative’s ex-partner in public transport to his controls when he took a taxi. “I already had an abortion threat, I would go by bus or walk and go home, and he would go by taxi. I couldn’t even ask him ‘Hey pull me,’ he only pulled me once. Then he would give me five soles and leave,” he pointed.

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Tapia’s cousin made cruel comments and excused himself

Also, mercilessly Renato Tapia’s cousin dared to make a cruel comment about his son with Daniela Castro. “Then once the pain I felt was too much, I told him ‘I have to go to the doctor because I’m not well, and he had ugly comments like: ‘Your son is not going to have a father'”, he specified.

Despite this situation, Jose Martin Alva he always had excuses for his behavior. “He shielded himself by saying that he had black humor, but no,” said the young woman, who later exposed strong audios where he told her that without his help as an intercessor, it was most likely that the national team would reject his son.