Daniela Castro exposes threats and mistreatment of Renato Tapia’s cousin: “He was super controlling”

Renato Tapia He continues in the controversy over the new statements by his ex-partner, Daniela Castro, about the complaint for unrecognized paternity. The woman reappeared in “Magaly TV, the firm“, this January 24, to give more details about how she was forced to hide the identity of the child. In addition, she told about how the soccer player’s cousin treated her, who was a kind of intermediary. As revealed, the selected one gave her this work and lived with her in the properties she rented.

The boy’s mother pointed out that she never saw this person work and her lifestyle changed when she received this ‘contract’ to take care of her. “He was super controlling,” she narrated to Magaly Medina in her entertainment program.

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Daniela Castro legally denounces him so that his son can bear his last name. Photo: composition/shot/LR

What did the subject say to Renato Tapia’s ex-partner?

She added that she was already tired of living with him and from time to time she asked him to leave. Given this, she shared a video where she exposes how the verbally humiliates and mistreats. In addition, it is possible to hear how he threatens to make the Celta de Vigo footballer move away from his life.

“If every three months you throw away the relationship that one tries to build with you, because one day I’m going to send you to hell. I get bored, ‘bye’ and that’s it”, is heard in the clip.

“Let’s see, call him… (You’ll tell me) ‘oh, I don’t know anything about your cousin’, (and I’ll answer) ‘I don’t know either’, (You’ll tell me) ‘I don’t have the money to pay for the house’, ( and I will answer you) ‘Ah, I don’t know'”, adds the audio.

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Daniela Castro exposes humiliation of Tapia’s cousin

On the other hand, he recounted the humiliations he received from this ‘caretaker’. “I had an abortion threat, I would still go by micro (bus), but he would go by taxi. He would give me five soles and he would study me,” he said.

“He had ugly comments like ‘your son will not have a father’, I would end up crying,” revealed Daniela Castro.

Magaly Medina rejected the audios from Renato Tapia’s cousin. “He did it to keep you under control because you couldn’t stand it anymore,” she replied indignantly.