Daniela Castro files a lawsuit against Renato Tapia to give her son her last name: “The first thing”

The television host Magaly Medina decided to continue with the subject of the serious accusation against the soccer player Renato Tapia for not wanting to recognize his son with Daniela Castro. However, this time, theMagpie‘ He said that letters have already been taken in the matter so that the player assumes his responsibility, for this reason, he showed LIVE the lawsuit against him.

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“Today, Dr. Claudia Zumaeta, the doctor who has taken charge of this case, has presented this document to the First Justice of the Peace, a lawyer, who has filed a lawsuit for extramarital affiliation,” the entertainment journalist said at the beginning. Magaly Medina.

“Not because of this statement this is going to be left aside. We have to take into account that the first thing Daniela wants for her son is the last name, it is that Renato Tapia signs her son, the conciliation, the days of visiting […] That comes after he signed, whom he publicly already recognized as his son. […] But what do you need for you to go and stamp your signature for your son?” he questioned.

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Renato Tapia would have wanted the pregnancy to be interrupted

“He told me that he was very sorry, but that he could not be present and that I should think about it carefully because what would people think with a woman seeing me alone with a belly? I told him: ‘I did not have an abortion at 16 and I am not going to abort at 21 ‘and he told me think about it and I told him I’m not going to get into your marriage anymore,” she said quite embarrassed.