Daniela Castro reveals that Renato Tapia’s wife and his parents know their son: “They know”

Renato Tapia’s ex-partner, Daniela Castro, said that his main intention is to recognize his son as his legally, since years have passed and so far he does not want to sign it, which means that the minor does not have some rights that correspond to him because he has his last name. What’s more, he had it all this time under anonymity. However, she was surprised to say that his parents and his current wife are aware that she has an extramarital son. On Magaly TV La firme, she told details of how she has been able to live hoping that the selected peruvian assume your responsibility.

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Daniela Castro revealed that the athlete’s father wanted to meet his grandson and that on a few occasions he visited him and there was even a photo of the memory of that moment. “What did happen was that in June 2022, according to Daniela, he decided to tell his parents and siblings about the existence of the minor. The man greeted me, saw him, picked him up, hugged him and said he was just the same. He also met his maternal grandmother and met his brothers from Renato,” he said.

Regarding Andrea Cordero, wife of the soccer player, he pointed out that he is also aware of this situation. “He already knows,” she pointed out.

Renato’s ex-partner recalled that for her smug it was an incredible moment to spend moments with her paternal grandfather, but unfortunately she stopped visiting him. “For him, who is turning 6, it was the best to play soccer with his grandfather,” she said.

Magaly Medina She was moved by this case and pointed out that Renato Tapia’s father should intervene so that the soccer player assumes his role as the father of the minor. “You have never heard him say that I will talk to my son so that he recognizes his son,” “Urraca” asked Andrea. “He only saw him and then he stopped seeing him. From there he went on December 24 to leave him gifts,” she said.

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Magaly Medina said that her program tried to communicate with Renato Tapia

Magaly Medina revealed that her team Magaly TV The firm itried to contact Renato Tapia and his lawyer to know their defenses after this complaint so that the soccer player assumes his paternity, but they have not responded.

“No one has wanted to answer us. We always want to balance and have both versions. He did not want to, the lawyer left the reporter in sight. So take notice that we wanted to know at first, but they did not want to answer us, “he said